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Daily Diary Monday 27th November

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the daily diary for Monday!

I am unable to unable to upload the photo I have chosen this afternoon but, will try later and edit if necessary.

If you are joining us for the first time, a big welcome to you.

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

If you are planning to excercise it would be very useful to tell us what you have planned.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post.

As I am following the Blood Sugar diet 800 calories a day is my limit.

Tomorrow looks like this:

Bfast - Greek yogurt, hazelnuts, raspberries & blueberries 200

Lunch - Feta & avocado bash - mashed avocado, Feta cheese & lime juice served in gem lettuce leaves 370

Dinner - Piri Piri chicken 270

Total 840 cals

Exercise 45 min swim

Good luck everyone!

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Good evening Dazzle and thank you for hosting 😊 You do really well to follow the BSD . . . It doesn’t look like very much food at all!

Tomorrow I shall be having a sliced banana with Greek yogurt, seed and nut sprinkle

Lunch is lentil soup, blue cheese and oatcakes with cherry tomatoes and an apple

Dinner is chicken biryani - my portion is just 30g brown rice with lots of veggies and tandoori style chicken.

Exercise is 30 minutes cardio and an afternoon dog walk

Onwards and downwards lovely people 😊


As always Anna, very tasty.


Hi IndigoBlue61

I really don’t struggle with 800 calories as I feel so much better in myself. When I have a day off work that’s when it tends to go wrong. In work I don’t give it a second thought!

Love the sound of your oatcakes!


Lunch is delicious Anna. Blue cheese, Stilton, is a real favourite. No one else in the family likes it.


Stilton is possibly my favourite cheese too! Definitely an acquired taste..


And well worth working on.


Love all your menu for tomorrow.


Yum yum Anna! I find Indian food (home made versions) so good for low cal dinners because the spices hit such a punch!


Exactly 😊. Tasty food just feels so satisfying 😊


Your food for today sounds very much like mine yesterday Anna, we have similar tastes! Enjoy your Monday.

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Oohh Lentil Soup, hopefully with a bit of pepper to spice.

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Thank you dazzle for hosting today's DD. Appreciated always.

Tasty menu, especially the Piri Piri chicken.

There's been so much in the fridge this w/e, for one reason or another, that it's been hard to be sensible but on the whole, mission accomplished.

B: 40g porridge, fresh fruit, chia seeds, 15ml unlikely organic honey & cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce and coffees (550 cals)

L: 50g mature cheddar sarnie with 2 slices of wholemeal seeded, salad & 30ml salad cream (550 cals)

S: Basa fillet with braised fennel in an orange sauce with baked sweet potatoes (enough to make up 1900 cals) Slice of HM Bakewell tart (270 cals)

Snacks: Apple and tangerines

Ex: Core strength and dog walking


Fennel in orange sauce sounds fabulous. Did you grow the fennel?

Well done for not going overboard with thecwell laden fridge-the good ha it’s are sticking!


I've tried a few times, unsuccessfully. They have always bolted too soon :(

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Never tried-one day!


Try planting out later than the longest day (after 21 June) - that may help prevent bolting.

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All sounds yum.


Wowee that dinner sounds super!


Dinner sounds yum Tiggerr


Dinner sounds nice Tigger, we like basa fillets but not had them for a while, must get some, thanks for the reminder.


Never had them but saw others here were having them (possibly you :) ). I did that recipe with cod the other day and the OH (an 'impressive' critic) really liked it.


Hi Tiggerr

Your basa fillet sounds really interesting. Something I must try!


Thanks for hosting dazzle

I love your avocado bash. Indeed I love it so much I have just ditched my omelette in favour of this.

So tomorrow

Brunch: Avocado bash, as favoured by Dazzle with bacon and mushrooms.

Dinner: Always tricky on a Monday as it is running followed by Bible Study group. Planning slow cooked chicken which I will take off the bone before I go out with sprouts and tender stem broccoli-putbin steamer before I go out.

I may be back tomorrow to confess that all did not go according to plan!

Exercise will be improvers running club-whatever that means!

Looking forward to pinching more ideas for lovey food.


Hi Ceals

The addition of mushrooms & bacon I think will go really well together. Enjoy!


I've never heard of this bash but it sure sounds good!

Bon chance at runners club hehe!


I had Never heard of it until I pinched it from dazzle then I just couldn’t resist!


Enjoy running club. It does tend to make getting dinner a bit tricky

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It does-and I would far rather run. Generally don’t feel hungry after a run.

-which is good news!

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Week 3 of my plan starts tomorrow. Hoping to increase my walking to 15 mins x 5 days. My calories always allow wiggle room for something around bedtime to help me sleep.

Superfoods green juice - 35

Brekkie -kale, tomatoes & poached eggs - 165

Lunch - red pepper & horseradish soup plus almonds - 255

Dinner - spanish sausage stew - 490

Afters/Supper - air-popped popcorn - 90

Drinks - Herb teas and water

Calories - 1,035

Veg serves - 6


hi, jem, your food sounds nice. Hope you're enjoying the walking


Breakfast sounds fabulous it will really set you up for the day.


It really fills me up.


hi, dazzle, thanks for hosting. On my way home from a weekend visiting family, stuck in traffic on the motorway, so will be quite tired by the time we get back. Tomorrow I'll have

B- porridge with fruit, 300

L- veg soup 200

D- sausage and roasted veg with feta 400

snacks - Greek yoghurt, nuts 350

tea and coffee 150, water

some fruit to make up target of 1700


Hi rutheliza

Hope you aren’t delayed for too long!

Love the sound of your dinner. Another one for me to try!


Roasted veg and feta sound delicious. Would I also want sausage-probably.

Hope your journey improves


Love love love feta in that kind of dinner. Enjoy!!!


Just been reading through people's menus and trying to remember what I'd planned last night - thank you for jogging my memory 😀👍 your menu sounds yummy 😋

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Hi all. Not sure what happened yesterday - i am sure i posted for myself and replied to a couple of comments but can find no trace of them today.

Oh well - try again

Tomorrows plan is hopefully

B- bacon medalions, eggs, tomatoes and baked beans

L - tinned carrot and coriander soup and roll with fruit x 2 or 3

D - chicken pie, pots and veg

Exercise - dog walk x2 (plus noticed a sign outside gym offering 12 sessions for £12 which i may just investigate!!)

Happy Monday


Fabulous breakfast! That gym offer sounds brilliant!

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lovely food,perfect for the cold weather. Hope your day goes well

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Fabulous food for such low cals dazzle! Hope you are finding the bs diet manageable!

My Sunday has gone really well.. I've gone over slightly for the day but that was done purposely as I was hungry between meals and I have 3500 cals left for the week (Monday is last day of the week) so I have a fair bit of leeway.

Monday plan - up to 2000 but aiming 1200. The carry over will be of more use on Tuesday and Wednesday when I have planned meals out.

B - bio yoghurt(110), 10 peanuts (60), coffee with cashew milk(30) total = 200

L - Thai carrot soup (carrots, potato, swede, courgette, broccoli, sweet corn, Thai paste, coconut milk) = 250

D - 2 quorn sausages, half can baked beans, 2 organic eggs poached, fried mushrooms. Mug tea. (500)

S - Sliced apple with almond butter, 2 squares 85% choc (200)

Exercise - walking at least half way home 30 mins. Running the stairs x 3 (3 flights)

Tip - I am finding a weekly plan really helpful.


Hi HappyBeee

I like the sound of your soup. Do you use low fat coconut milk?


No dazzle.. I just use normal coconut milk. The reduced fat one is just diluted if I'm not mistaken.. I don't mind taking a calorie hit when it's spread among 8 or so servings


I like the idea of your weekly plan HappyBeee

I've had a lovely day of laughter, shopping and eating with friends today. It's a shame to have to go to work tomorrow but I'll keep going on this little lot:

B. Peanut butter overnight oats with berries

L. Gammon and veg with a few herby roast potatoes. This is what my family had today while I was out.

D. Garlic chicken with sweet potato and veg

Approx. 2000

Exercise. Gym and yoga. Possibly a dog walk if it's my turn!!

Happy Monday 😎


Sounds lovely - intrigued by the peanut butter in the oats - how does that work?

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Thai carrot soup sounds lovely


Hi dazzle thanks for hosting. Lots there for 840 cals. I am starting week 7 and have upped to 1000 cals. I have 2 big work dinners this week - one I gave picked my menu and the other I have no idea about the menu! However there is always something you can eat.

B - boiled egg and babybel light - 120

L - curried lentils and baked tomatoes, easiyo and raspberries - 300

D - either beef stroganoff left overs or moussaka - 350

S - a few almonds, Apple, some almond milk and skimmed mixed together - 200

Total - 970

Ex - netball and Pilates

Tip - don't delay start today! Whatever it is that you are thinking of doing!


ooo beef stroganoff yummy

Lovely menu as always wakywoo x x


Thanks Hidden

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Good morning dazzle and thank you for posting.

I so know the feeling about not being able to put up a poster,,,,time will tell if I can do it myself later today :-

It is chucking it down with rain at the moment but the house is cosy.

My DD will be:-

B - porridge with frozen fruit and two coffees

L - probably out as I am taking my friend to the see 'Follies' at our local cinema and there is a nice lunch place in the complex

S - didn't feel like eating the rest of the chicken last night so shall be having it tonight, sprout tops (leaves) and a potato

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap

Exercise - brisk walk into town later hopefully not in the rain :(

Enjoy your day everyone and in this area, keep dry if you can :)


One of the bonuses of watching our portion sizes is being able to enjoy a good meal more than once! Enjoy your chicken leftovers. I think the rain is meant to clear up, so hope you can get a good brisk walk in today too :)


Nice to hear from you Ruth_canal_runner.

Part of the reason for not eating the chicken last night was that it just didn't appeal :) I shall try to jazz it up this evening though!

Yes, portion size is definitely influencing me in that I don't need the same amounts and have no qualms in leaving food for another day.

Also, I cannot bear throwing away food ....


Same here. I hope you think of something exciting to add flavour-wise. Although sometimes things just taste better a day later :)


Good morning Dazzle, I'm emerging from a less than perfect weekend. But I have a solid plan for today and I hope that sticking to it will still result in a number I want to see on the scales tomorrow.

B porridge with 25g oats, mashed banana, tbsp ground almonds and 200ml soya milk - 351 cals

L 5x tesco spinach and chickpea falafels, mixed salad, hummous and mango chutney in a mediterranean herb wrap - 464 cals

D 75g penne pasta with tomato sauce, fresh green beans and 20g cashew cheese - 526 cals

Snacks - 3x coffees with soya milk, 1x slice soreen banana cake, 250ml homemade kombucha, 2x dried figs - 341cals

Total - 1682cals out of a possible 1750

Exercise - approx 8k cycle

Plus it's going to be a busy day - part of the day working from home, and part of the day heading into college.

Happy Monday everyone :)


Thank you for hosting! It's been a busy weekend. But 1 more present to go and I'm done for my Christmas shopping. I'll pick up bits and bobs later.

Breakfast- oatmeal with syrup at the canteen with my usual coffee

Lunch - weight watchers tuna and sweet corn on gluten free roll.vegetable soup on the side.

Dinner - chicken casserole.

Snacks for the day - oranges banana flap jack

Lots of water today too.


Great menu ShadowDee and well done on the shopping 😊

Please try to remember to respond to others on the DD



Monday is normally a bit of a rubbish day for me as I am waiting for a Tesco delivery later in the day and then having running club in the evening also doe snot help.

Breakfast - toast and jam -174

Lunch - jacket pot and baked beans - 253

Dinner - Quiche and salad - 201

Apple -37

Milk -115

Cashew nuts -57

Toast and hot choc-200 after running club


Hope your Tesco delivery arrives soon Lenfry

Please try to remember to respond to others on the Daily Diary


Breakfast was Greek yoghurt and blueberries.

Lunch will be salad and jacket potato

Dinner chilli, veg and rice.

Snacks toast, fruits, trail mix


Great meal choices Ruthy123 that will set you up beautifully 😊

Please don’t be shy, we like everyone to respond to others on the Daily Diary so that we each receive support and encouragement

Thank you



Good morning everyone,

I haven't been doing much planning lately, made a decision about dinner last night... and then forgot it by this morning, came on here looking for inspiration and remembered it again 😂 Is it just me or is there a definite sausage theme on here today?

Breakfast - sugar free muesli and milk

Lunch - omlette and salad

Dinner - Mediterranean roasted vegetables with sausage and haloumi

Snacks - fruit and maybe a yogurt

Activity - its craft club Monday this afternoon, which I run, so that will keep me busy. Overdid the exercise a few weeks ago, caused a bit of a health crash 😕 want to slowly get back to it, so going to walk to post box with some letters.


Lovely menu ArctoLindy I hope you're recovering from overdoing the exercise, have a great day..

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Hello all

A very wet morning here, no point trying to take doggie for a walk yet, she's very stubborn, hates the rain, not that keen myself! Might go for a quick swim at the pool later.

My weekend was mixed as far as planning, mainly OK but an extra wine or 2 plus hubby's cheese snacks bumped the calories up Saturday evening.

2 Xmas parties coming up soon as well (a bit early me thinks). Looking forward to wearing new party outfit, not much room in the slim leg/fit trousers so some extra incentive this week.

B: An odd one of leftover chicken, half an avocado, tomato and cucumber, small blob of mayo.

L: Yesterday's curried meatballs and sauce. This was delicious, although I say so myself :)

D: Veg and lentil soup with added Feta cheese.

Snacks, fruit, a few nuts.

Wishing everyone a good week.


It all sounds good Sailsalot Enjoy

Good Afternoon dazzle , thanks for setting up the post.

Tonights dinner is going to be a beef, mushroom and pulses chili, with noodles possibly.


250g 5% Fat Extra Lean Minced Beef 310 kCals

Approx 300g (after steeping) of Split Peas, Red Lentils & Pearl Barley 350 kCals

125g Closed Cup Mushrooms 30 kCal

(If I need to add, I will have Konjac Noodles 180g - 11kCal)

So Total tonight will be approx 690 - 700 kCals

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Sounds delicious- enjoy TheCookster

Good morning dazzle. I haven't been planning my food recently I'm afraid. I've been feeling very low and out of touch with my friends here. I've had a two egg omelette with goat's cheese for breakfast but need to decide what I'm having the rest of the day. I had started the BSD and got to about day four. I think I'll just ease myself into eating healthily for the moment and start the BSD when I'm feeling better.

Your menu sounds very good for the amount of calories.

Have a good day everyone.


I think that sounds really sensible, Morgancando. Baby steps is just the way to get yourself back into eating healthily again and a goat's cheese omelette is a great start! :)

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Thank you. I’m going to do a chicken stir fry this evening with the left overs from yesterday.


That sounds perfect and has reminded me that I haven't made a stir-fry for ages!


Hi Morgancando

I think with the BSD diet you really do have to be in the right frame of mind.

I knew it was the right time for me so, a good idea to postpone your start for a bit until you are feeling better.

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First day and first go at a diary entry - still working out cals using Myfitnesspal but my meals today look like this:

Breakfast - porridge with half s/s milk and water and 4 dried apricots.

Snack - 1 apple

Lunch - w/m roll with piri piri chicken and watercress

Dinner - this will be part of a lamb shank cooked in red wine with carrots and herbs served with creamed potatoes and peas. (will need to watch portion size as this is my downfall)

I will also have had 3 cups of tea with s/s milk and have drunk lots of water at work.

It does take an age to calculate home-cooked meals, but hopefully it won't bust the calorie budget. Once I get the hang of calorie counting I hope to plan ahead rather than retrospectively.

Exercise was a 30 min brisk walk at lunch time.


Have totted up the calories using mfp and total for the day is 1194 which sounds rather low. Dinner came in at 562 and I feel quite full (it was rather nice though). Working on tomorrow's menu now (full time job this!).

Also found the tape measure (in too much of a rush this morning for work) and waist is 36 in at the 'natural waist' where I would wear a belt. Not sure if that is the right place to measure but suppose so long as its always the same I can track progress. BMI is 26.6.

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Welcome to the daily diary Beefit

Sounds like a delicious menu you have planned.. Looking forward to your next post...

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

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Thanks dazzle for being a fantastic host in today's DD. :)

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