A cocktail party, and a goal!

A cocktail party, and a goal!

My partner and I have been invited to a very glam cocktail party at the end of September. Naturally, I immediately went looking at vintage dresses on Ebay (Other auction sites are available ;) ) and found this.dress.

It's so beautiful, but so tiny. It's kind of given me the impetus to go hell for leather at this now, and just see what I can achieve. I haven't been working towards any fixed goal, other than getting healthy, so it may do me good to have something to spur me on.

I may not fit into it by September, but I will one day.

I want that dress....!


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10 Replies

  • Absolutely love that dress you go for it I am sure you will look amazing and if it is a tad tight what a lovely goal to aim for.

    Very Audrey Hepburn 😊👍

  • Thankyou! Have to bid on it, so fingers crossed!!

  • Thankyou! Have to bid on it, so fingers crossed!!

  • That is a lovely dress. You go girl.. stick to the regime you never know come September you could be wearing it 😊

  • Yes! I can do this!

  • What a lovely goal! Go for it! 😊 Beautiful dress ❤️

    I had a favourite top that shrunk in the wash and I was so delighted to actually get into it 😊

    Ps did you know Oxfam have an online shop? Free returns too 😊 Daughter bought her Grad Ball frock there

  • Oooh, that's good to know !

    And well done, that's amazing! :D my partner shrunk his jumper, I don't think I'll ever get into that, though 🤣

  • What a dress! Go for it!!!!!

  • Beautiful dress VA, so right for cocktails. Very elegant, you will look amazing. If you get to wear it, you will have to put a 'photo on here for us all to see :)

  • It's a beautiful dress. I'm sure you can make it. Just stick around here and take the advice. It's 's great place to be.

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