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Thank you and hello

Chandelia4 stone


this is my first proper post, though I've been visiting since September last year, when I decided to do something about my weight. I've made a few comments on other peoples' posts but this is my first one. So here goes. First off, THANK YOU EVERYONE! This is a lovely place to come when you need a bit of support or information. I can feel how kind and helpful people really are. Key things I've learned is that weight loss is not a sprint, it's a marathon; that small changes over time will lead to results; that it's normal to stick at a weight for a few weeks or longer; and not to beat ourselves up if we make choices that are not the best. New habits take time to form. Just learn and move on.

In September I started following the NHS 12 week plan. My BMI indicated that at 13 st 1 lb with my short height, I was obese. The amount I needed to shift to get into the healthy weight zone seemed too big to me to start thinking about. So I broke it down, took it slowly and rewarded myself along the way. As I hadn't dieted before I got an initial boost of losing half a stone in the first fortnight which made me believe I could do it. Things settled down after that flying start but by following the plan and listening to the voices on here I'd lost two stone by Christmas. As I got thinner it got harder to lose weight but I kept on with the habits I'd learned from the plan and was at the top of the healthy BMI zone in February. I was very relieved and proud of myself. I decided to stick with the format a bit longer so I would have a 'buffer zone', wanting to get down somewhere towards the middle of my healthy BMI range so I didn't have to stress about the occasional indulgence or holiday putting me straight back in the obese category. And I had developed confidence that my body and mind could do this. Subsequent loss has been even slower but I am now down to just below the mid-range point, having lost almost four and a half stone. (If you had told me a year ago I would be this size I wouldn't have believed you.)

My challenge now though is to maintain. I want to keep the good habits I have picked up, such as getting my 5 a day and being active, but wonder if that will be enough. I had a weight-loss plan - I don't have a maintenance plan, and it's beginning to worry me slightly. Any one out there keen to share their tips? Thanks!

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Hi and congratulations on the weight loss that is brilliant

There are some maintainers on here and I am sure one will be along soon to help advise you :)

That's a great post Chandelia and a brilliant summation for all the newbies.

I've only been maintaining for 5 weeks and they've been a bit of a roller coaster (above maintain weight one week and below it the next. I think tomorrow's weigh-in is going to be disappointing but keeping in mind all the techniques you've mentioned above, I'm not too concerned at the moment.

For me it's been awkward eating more calories than I normally do, in a sensible fashion.

The good news is that there is a maintainers group that post on the first Sunday of the month (so you're in luck there) and you can talk to people in the same position as you...

Good luck!

Chandelia4 stone in reply to Tiggerr

Thank you! I will keep an eye on that group. Good luck with your weigh in too 😊


Good afternoon Chandelia and thank you for sharing your story with us 😊 I am so glad that the forum has helped you, and very well done on achieving your goal weight 😊🎉👏🏅😊

If you look in the pinned posts you will see the latest update from the Maintainers club who I am sure will be delighted to welcome you 😊

Very best wishes


Chandelia4 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you. And thank you for all the work you and the other admins do - unlike many places on the internet, this forum somehow manages to be friendly and offer sensible non-judgemental advice. It's really appreciated.


Wow Chandelia you have done so well! What an inspiration you are to all of us and with help from here I am sure you will manage maintenance well. Congratulations!


Chandelia4 stone in reply to Hidden

Thank you. And well done with your weight loss too. My post above glosses over some of the tough times as I don't want to dwell on the negative - it's just hard work sometimes. But so worth it. Together we will get there!

kalahuchi6 stone

Hi Chandellia,

very well done on your fantastic weight loss; I'm so thrilled for you!

To be honest I think we're in a similar position and it would be good to share this next part of the journey with you. There is a maintainers thread which posts once a month but I know what you mean; as soon as you reach a weight at which you feel happy, then what? I feel more relaxed now, but a couple of months ago I felt truly terrified that the weight would pile straight back on again and didn't know what to do.

I've managed to keep a steady weight now for just over 2 months and it's the first time I haven't started to climb immediately after losing weight so this is a bit special for me. I don't pretend to know all of the answers but what I've done is find a pattern of eating, a daily calorie allowance and a level of exercise that I can maintain in the long term and allow my weight to settle naturally rather than try and control it the way I've always done before. It sounds as if you have done something very similar so it will be interesting, I think, for both of us to see if this strategy works in the long term.

Since starting to maintain I've had hunger pangs and cravings far, far worse than I had at any time while I was losing weight and I realise my body is trying to "fight back" but I am very aware that this is mainly due to an imbalance of "hunger hormones" after a large weight loss and so it's easier to resist the urge to eat more. I counter these cravings with distractions like plenty of long walks and with just being determined to continue with my usual patterns (which are pretty ingrained by now). I also weigh myself twice a week so any gains can be nipped in the bud.

If you've arrived at this point on your weight loss plan, then I reckon it should do as a pretty good maintenance plan as well. If you continue to lose weight then maybe have a rethink and add a few more calories (maybe 250 a day?) into your daily allowance then keep a close eye on the scales. I'm a firm believer in "if it's not broken, don't fix it" so I wouldn't change anything more than you really need to from your current routine.

Good luck to all of us x

Chandelia4 stone in reply to kalahuchi

Thank you for your advice - it definitely rings true to me. I like your point about finding a level of food and exercise that works in the long run. So many people get all fired up when they start to lose weight and do things that are just not sustainable, then it falls to pieces. Throughout I've tried to find ways to put little bits of exercise into my daily routine so it does become, well, routine! Interesting that you've had more hunger pangs. I've not fund that so far - something to look out for..

kalahuchi6 stone in reply to Chandelia

Let's hope you don't have the dreaded hunger pangs at all x


Hi I had this dilemma in May as I came closer to my target weight, I looked at this website to find out what my maintenace weight should be and then have steadily increased my calorific intake from the 1400 on the NHS 12 week weight loss plan to 1575 over 2 months then will gradually increase again to 1650 over 2 months. You may find it helpful to work out your daily allowance. and plan how you will get there and over what time frame

Good luck. Initially I went straight up to 1600 and put on 4lb and I kept feeling hungry. I don't know whether its was just the mental relaxation at being close to the target weight and knowing I would be increasing my calorific intake I went a bit mad!!! So now I am slowly increasing my intake and slowly getting down to my target weight. One of the long term maintainers suggested having a maintenance weight range of 2-4lbs because weight does fluctuate which I certainly will be following!

Chandelia4 stone in reply to RG07

Thank you for the advice. I think I need to sit down and spend some time working out a transition plan! It sounds sensible. Good luck with yours, and thanks for the link.

RG07Maintainer in reply to Chandelia

No probs but I would look at the topics section and the maintainers link is there

kalahuchi6 stone in reply to RG07

What a fantastic link! Thank you so much for sharing x

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