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Trouble shifting the last 2kg

Not a major problem, but really annoyed with myself, because my self control has stopped after dropping to 85kg (=normal BMI) on my way to 83kg from 102kg. For the last month I remain at 85kg which is great, but the iron will I needed, to maintain the calorie deficit and shift the last 2kg, seems to have abandoned me. So making a last push from now on, and will shift them by end of May, I hope.

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Hi Chris1959

They always say the last stages of weight loss are the most stubborn and that is what it seems like

Carry on with what you are doing and hopefully it will hit you by surprise

Good Luck and congrats on your achievement


Yes. Unfortunately I didn't carry on what I was doing. I started to eat and drink more after reaching 85kg. Not in a bad way because I don't gain anything either, helped by running a lot (something I really like, so that's not a burden). And I know 85kg is a healthy weight for me (I'm 1.85m). But I can see in the mirror that if I was 83kg I could pat myself on the back and say 'job done, no need to lose any more'. I will get there this month!

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I can sympathise 😕 I'm not even at a healthy BMI yet but my body seems very happy where it is (BMI 27-something) 😳

Have a look at the 'lose 7lbs in May' challenge chris1959 it may (!) just be the push you need 😊 Also the new Daily Diary which is helping many of us stick yo plan 😊

Good luck

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I'll take a look. Thanks!


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