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Shifting a stone


Hi all. I stumbled upon this website whilst looking at SW and WW. (Been there done that!). Want to lose a stone before the spring and keep it off for my daughters wedding in November when I will see my ex husband for the first time since my divorce 1 year ago. So motivated and have also started moderate excercise. I also have a big birthday this year that ends in a zero so even more motivation. I hope someone will keep me motivated . Thanks

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You sound fired up and ready to make changes, and having two important events

To work toward is great motivation😃

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, it will give you a start re healthy eating and exercise

Most of all enjoy and don't forget to measure yourself at the start !!😃


Maryjbo in reply to flossie358

Hi Flossie. I have measured so raring to go. Thank you for ur reply

I need to lose at least 8lbs

June1965Restart Feb 2020


Get in there !!! You do it for YOU. ( whilst showing him) 🙃😜😛 xxxxxx

Good luck....... We are here if you need us.

Bless you June. I am so doing this for me. I have now started a new life , sold up, moved 120 miles away and have met someone else. Life is good but so appreciate your support . Did I think in would start a new life at 58, no!! Stay in touch

Hi, this site is brilliant for support and motivation, you are in the right place! There is a weigh in thread posted by Lowcal every Monday. Well, it's done in two sections atm, morning and afternoon session, as it's so successful and has grown so big! I find reporting in every Monday on losses/gains/sticking helps keep me on track, maybe it would help you too? Good luck on your journey, we are with you all the way! :-)

I had a similar situation some years ago when my (then) wife left me. One reason she gave was I was too fat for her. Hmm, that really hurt. I subsequently went into a gym. Not to prove anything to her or even make a point. It was just for me. Although it was a very sweet moment when I bumped into her 6 months later. I wasn't that much lighter but my physique had changed quite radically. I wasn't muscle bound but I'd toned up everywhere. I clocked her taking a double take and she complimented me on looking good. For me though, the hard work and correct diet made sense and I felt a million times better. Please don't be looking to impress anyone, particularly your ex. That's yesterdays news. You're still the same person so do it for yourself. Your self esteem will soar when someone spots you across the room and smiles. Mine did. I'm now very happily married and need to drop weight again but i'm still the same as I ever was. Happy, well balanced and loving life. I learned that if you have to prove yourself to some one then they're not worth knowing so drop them and move on.

Maryjbo in reply to algar60

Bless you. Pleased you met someone else. Yes ex is old news but he destroyed my self esteem and confidence and it was quite a bitter divorce. I'm still waiting for my karma which I know will come. Am very happy now in my new life but thank you

Well done for getting rid of that load of weight (ex husband) now its time to get rid of that stone, you can do it hope you have a good week. x

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