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Day 4 - I need to improve

Day 4 | 31.03.2017 Friday

Not the healthiest day :( but very happy :)


Total calories: 1,119 – I will increase this

(32% breakfast; 19% lunch; 13% dinner; 36% snacks)

(44% carbohydrates; 40% fat; 16% protein)

- breakfast: porridge oats with milled flaxseed, Greek natural yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries (from frozen); calcium & magnestium tabs, Jointcare Max tabs, earl grey with lemon and honey

- mid-morning snack: 2 sandwiches (1 with camembert and the second with homemade ham and cucumber) – I knew I will have late lunch

- lunch: homemade mushroom soup – it is finally over :D

- dinner: ¼ cup of cottage cheese with cucumber cubes, half a bred roll with cheese, cucumber and Christmas chutney


-no oops today :D

5 a day: 3

Activity: 7,200 steps

My goals for tomorrow (as I didn’t manage to reach my today goals, they are my tomorrow goals):

-regarding food: more protein,

-regarding activity: strength training.

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I find it helpful to think of the whole weeks calories, so if you are over one day and under the next it levels itself out 😊

Well done on completing 4 days, over half way through your first week 😊


Thank you Anna61. I will see what will be my weekly calorie intake.

I need to work more on what has been written for week 1 - fibre and protein.

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That's a really helpful idea 👍

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Hi, you haven't had many calories but you haven't had much fruit and veg. Protein is good but personally I fill plate with veg every main meal. It's just a thought


Thank you EllaMidlands. Today I was shopping, so now I am stocked with veggies and fruits, so it will be easier to eat more of them.

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I'm reading all the posts tonight and getting hungry!!! No I'm only kidding, Friday night movie, Dirty Dancing, again, good movie and fun. Well Ell I was just thinking about you and hope that you are doing well today. School holidays up here. For 18 day's. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning. Not sure. It's been a bit up and down this week. I think the visit to the Doctor helped. Medication has been reviewed and a new one added. The only change is that my foot is swollen. Will keep an eye on it. I'm moving about more plus going upstairs. I have rattled on enough now so , good night and sleep well. G


Don't want you wasting away!

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Your breakfast sounds lovely! Is it an Overnight Oats?

Well done for the 'Oops' thats such a great idea.


My breakfast is plain porridge oats (from Sainsburys). I do it I think quite easy and fast version: put oats in the bowl, pour boiling water (just to cover the oats), mix, add frozen berries (mix from Sainsburys as well - as I like sweet, so I chose strawberries with blueberries), microwave it for 1min30sec, add few big tablespoons of Greek yoghurt, mix and enjoy ;)

The "Oops" idea is from the programme sheet. But I like to put when I did not have any Oops during the day :)


Well done and I like that you are monitoring your progress.

A good 30 swift 30 minute walk will get you close to the 10,000 :)

I'm going to go against the grain here regarding a weeks versus a days worth of calories.

I personally think focusing on calories day by day is a more effective way to go. When you eat excess calories they end up stored as fat unless you are much more active after you have consumed additional calories.

Fat is harder for the body to burn than carbs, so even if you eat less the next day carbs will be the first burnt not the extra fat you stored from yesterday.

BUT I am not a scientific professional or anything just a professional dieter :) so in the end you need to tread your own path.

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Well, yesterday I didn't move a lot, but I plan to do some more things today.

Regarding day vs week calorie count. I prefer the week overview, but as long as day by day intake has not a big standard deviation, so I'd aim for 1,600 +/- 100-200kcal.

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