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Not feeling it today

This week has been crazy so far and it is only Wednesday.

Have spent most of the days at the hospital with our soon to be 20 year old daughter.

Monday according to the nurse it is allergies. Told to come back in a week if no better. Called emergency hospital during the night who asked if we can wait until morning :( Her Infection in her blood was 5 (anything 5 or under is usually viral). Slept the night next to her checking on her breathing.

Tuesday after having a couple hours of sleep daughter still no better. Follow her progress or lack of during the day and we decide to call for another doctors appointment. We getan appointment with the nurse who takes again a quick blood test to check the infection in her blood now it was 86 (wtf) Suspected pneumonia. As xray is closed we are told to come back today for that and other tests. Another sleepless night as Doc told to not leave her alone.

Wednesday diagnosis today is pneumonia and started on antibiotics that would knock out a horse.

This has been my week this far and I usually would have been running to the fridge to emotionally eat my stress away. This time I haven't done that I have stuck with the program even though I have a bar of chocolate in there with my name on it.

Now I am gonna go run on the treadmill while daughter is taking a nap

I hope all of you have had a better start to the week


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Hey, you're doing great! To go through that amount of stress and not crack is admirable! I wish your daughter a speedy recovery. Make sure you take care of yourself, too - you can't give from an empty cup. Keep hydrated and try to sleep or rest when you can. xx

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Oh dear Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor daughter! I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery!

I'm very impressed that, at such a stressful time, you haven't resorted to comfort eating and have even been able to leave that bar of chocolate alone! :)

I hope that things will get back on an even keel for you now and that life will be more peaceful for you :)


How stressful! At least you have a diagnosis now and hopefully she'll respond quickly to treatment. Well done for for keeping your diet under control through all of that - and I'm sure you'll find that the treadmill helps with stress-busting better than food ever could. Wishing you well this week


Hi janpes

Wow, what a rough time you and your daughter are having, hope it improves rapidly now that your daughter is getting the help she needs.

Your strength not to comfort eat at such a difficult time is amazing , well done.

I think you should think of a good treat for you and your family to enjoy once your daughter is fully recovered.

Thinking of you.


Oh no! What a week to be having. Brightside is that now you know what it is and those antibiotics can kick in before it got any worse!

Also amazing well done to you for not emotional eating! Someone in my family has been in hospital for three weeks and ive been a bit of an emotional lunatic and I'd say I didn't emotionally eat extremely... But I did make cake and cookies and buy an enormous easter egg. So my intentions weren't good and I have given in and had several cookies! I'd be feeling amazing about myself right now if I hadn't given in and had the motivation for the treadmill! :) :)

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for your daughter and no more sleepless nights for you. X


You've done very well, stress is a nasty one, as is ill health.......... get well to your daughter, wishing you a relaxing deep sleep


How horrible. Hope your daughter is on the mend. Well done for not cracking under the strain, that's really impressive.


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