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Hi guys,

Not that this is likely to be an issue for a while yet, but one thing that has always put me off the idea of loosing half my body weight is the idea of having loose skin to contend with at the end... I know the risk of this tends to be smaller when you lose weight slower and give your skin a chance to "recover", but I've also heard that some people's skin is sort of... beyond repair, stretched out, and nothing they will do will really help.

Has anyone who has lost a lot of their weight have any experience with this? Or is there anything that can help (besides losing it at a gradual pace?) sorry if this has been bought up before, but it's kind of been worrying me. I don't want my body to look like I'm 70 until I'm 70!


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19 Replies

  • I don't have to lose half my body weight (only a quarter, actually), but loose folds of skin are still a worry. As you say, losing weight slowly can help give your skin time to shrink with the weight loss. Some people have also suggested rubbing body lotion into the worst affected areas - tum and thighs in my case. This will help to keep the skin supple. There's a product called Bio-Oil that's good for reducing scars and post-pregnancy stretch marks. It's not cheap, but it could be worth a try if you lose weight more quickly than your skin can accommodate.

  • I've got a bottle of Bio-Oil at the moment, as I have a tattoo that's healed with super-dry skin (the big bottles are cheap on Groupon at the moment). I'll consider it if it becomes a problem, thanks :)

  • I have found Bio-oil brilliant for operati scars CheerfulDragon and CaptainRainbow -never thought about it for loose skin.

  • I used it some years ago when I had lipohypertrophy (fatty lumps around injection sites). I noticed that the packaging says it can be used for stretch marks. I'm assuming that the stretch marks from weight gain are the same as the stretch marks from pregnancy.

    I'll be sticking with slow weight loss and body lotion. The best way to deal with loose skin is to try to avoid having any.

  • I am glad that you brought this up CaptainRainbow as this is the one thing that has put me off losing weight in the past! I know it is ridiculous as I am very overweight but the thought of a 'flat balloon' wrinkly stomach, bum and legs leaves me cold. It sounds vain, I appreciate that, but I have never felt unattractive to my husband and don't really want to start now...25 years in! I hope we can be reassured by someone who has had a positive experience. For now.....lots of body butter, moisturiser and slow weight loss!

  • Yes, exactly! I dread the thought of it so much. Problem is in a way, I have no real issues with how I look now, even though I am quite large. But I would *definitely* have issues if I had a saggy manky tummy and I'm not even 30 yet :( frankly I'd rather stay on the larger side, but equally I don't know how likely I am to end up with an icky tummy? It's all a bit of a pickle.

  • CaptainRainbow you have youth on your side, I'd like to think your skin still has some elasticity and will be able to cope with a slow weight loss and not leave you looking "baggy and saggy". You don't have to loose the whole 9 stone. I am supposed to loose 5 stone, but being a good 20 years older than you, I'm not completely sure I want to, I don't want to look gaunt (or saggy!), so I will probably stop when I feel happy with what I see and comfortable in myself. Well done you for taking control now and not letting it get any worse. Just keep to your weight loss plan and see what happens along the way.

  • I really appreciate this reply, thank you :) I was 18.5 stone at my heaviest, and because I'm short, I should be around 9 stone. To be honest with you, I only really want to get to 12 or 13 if it was purely a matter of aesthetics. Ultimately, I think I'll have to see when I get there how happy I am, and whether losing the extra few stone for my health is worth it compared to wanting to stay curvaceous. Fingers crossed my skin is still reasonably elastic! I'm ever the pessimist, so I don't have much faith, but stranger things have happened.

  • I already have an icky tummy, courtesy of never being slim and allowing too many years to pass post baby (youngest nearly 15!!!) to do anything about my weight :(

    It must be the day for it because I was googling "apron" horror stories earlier - I'm such a pessimist - need to actually lose some weight first lol!

    I think we just need to be sensible in our approach to healthy weight loss and remember that although exercise is not classed as that helpful to the actual weight loss, it definitely tones you up..

    Good luck :D

    Kate x

  • I have been blaming my weight on being a Mum but my youngest is almost 18! Don't worry, we are all on the right track now. I carry my weight on my legs and bum....it is equally lovely but awkward when people say 'but you have such a tiny waist' or comment on my hourglass figure! I need inches off the figure...they think they are being kind but the thought of having excess skin like an elephant on my legs makes me feel despondent. I am 46 and want to do something before the menopause adds to my excuses!!!

  • Lol, I'm the opposite - its all up front :( from behind I could pass for about 4 st lighter - no exaggeration!! I walk miles every day and it obvs pays off.. I'm re starting boxing with hubby this week to work my arms a bit :)

  • Ooh I would love a smaller bum!

  • Diet is the main thing in weight loss but exercise can play a big part too. You need to learn how to burn your fat and your carbs then it can help you to lose weight. You burn energy when you exercise, that energy is fat and carbs. You can use these energy sources more efficiently by having your heart work at different speeds.

    Maybe you can investigate it online.

  • I know how it works :) was just pointing out to others that its worth combining the two - so many people want to lose weight before they exercise :)

  • Yes, I've been going to the gym since July (trying three times a week.. sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't..) but I only really changed my diet at the start of November, so have only really seen results since then. But I think if I lose 9 stone like I'm apparently supposed to (I honestly think I'd look awful at a "normal" weight) I don't think any amount of toning would avoid the loose skin!

  • It is scary, knowing how much healthier we'll be helps but it is a leap into the unknown :/

  • Being healthy is important. But so is being happy. I'm genuinely not sure I could be happy with my body if I look like a loose balloon :( and it probably sounds ridiculous to most people, but it seems awful to be to go from a body I don't actually hate to a body I most likely will, if that happens. I feel a bit stuck :/

  • It doesn't sound ridiculous at all xx

  • I understand x

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