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I am loosing any weight

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI
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Help, I bought a trousers a size bigger than normal and they were too big I bought them back for the same size that have been wearing and they're too small that means I'm in between sizes and means I put on weight I hate this situation and I want it was over as soon as possible haven't lost single points at kg yet.Absolutely fed up I want to lose weight now!! all the work I am putting into it walking the gym nothing's changing!;

Maybe I should try weight watchers

15 Replies
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Hi bluelady-sing, I feel like you might be panicking a little prematurely! You asked about how fast it would take to lose 4kg only 9 days ago and sometimes it takes time for changes in diet to have any impact. Remember this isn't a race and you WILL get to where you want to be!

Maybe you could outline your current plan and the changes you have made and then people may be able to suggest tweaks to help you?

Weight watchers points system is one method, or you could try some of the free calorie counting apps like the NHS one or myfitnesspal. Or low carb, or the real food diet. There are so many different ways and it's about working out what works for you.

I see you have joined the easter challenge which is a great start! Maybe you could start joining in with our daily diary or weekly weigh ins. Getting support from other people is so important!

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I think Weightwatchers may be good for motivation but I feel that all they are going to say to you - you already know plus you can’t live forever on their products which will be pushed at you . The better diet , eating well and mindfully will be doing so much for you . My hair felt better and more manageable and my facial skin improved . Internally decent food works wonders . Like already quoted 4kg is hard to instantly get rid of without a very temp fix which you can’t maintain or sustain . You have lost half a size in clothes so this is a visible start . You are doing things right by doing this slowly . If I was going to spend money then get a personal trainer or life coach as trainers aren’t just for the super fit .

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Scaffie2 stone

Good Morning and Welcome Bluelady-sing

Sheepfan is very right but if I may put in my 2 pennyworth.

I have observed during 40 years of being overweight and having done WW RC & SW and a private diet group that we tend to lose 2lb (approx 1kg) per week if we are religiously sticking to it AND depending on our exercise routine.

I have found that when I was weight lifting my clothes were far looser and my weight was the same because muscle bulk is as heavy in weight but less bulky than fat.

When I had periods (the menopause has it's benefits and chaps sorry to exclude you but it's a fact) I actually only lost 3 weeks in 4 because you retain water and your trousers don't fit round your waist because of this. What I haven't, mainly because I can't be bothered, observed is if there is still a cycle of water retention post menopause.

If I walk more (I'm 61) I will lose weight, if I workout not using high weights I will lose weight and if I don't keep it up I will ache more. If I sneak in treats I will put on weight. If I get fed up and rely on my unreliable emotions I will put on weight.

Another painful observation with 40 years of being fat; 2 stone lost for the first time in my life EVER EVER EVER; is that it took a long time to go on and it's taking a longer time to go off HOWEVER I have also observed both in myself and in a non critical but analytical way in others, is that when you lose a lot quickly there seem to be 2 observations in play:

1 is that one ate a crap diet which one has now corrected and therefore a lot is lost at once and that is great

2. is that if one does lose a lot very quickly it does seem to go back on again.

I'm 2 and a half years on my non diet forever lifestyle, 2 stone lighter, fitter and healthier than earlier in my life and to date I have only put on (and off again) 1lb and it's less than 5 times - no exact figures Moreless keeps them!

Please don't give up and very sadly an unpleasant fact is there is no magic pill. It's jolly hard work, it's a slog and yes I'm fed up too. But I'm so glad I have done it and you know when you are doing well because YOUR KNICKERS (BOXERS) fall down. Keep at it.

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A-b-c-dRestart Dec 2022

Hi Bluelady-sing !

I'm having a disappointing week too. I uncontrollably binge ate yesterday which should have been my weigh-in day. I have been instructed by the NHS Diet App that I am allowed 1720 calories per day. It means that I can eat quite a lot. I have retired now so I'm not getting that much exercise. I have a spine curvature which I means that I should stand taller than I measure. Because I have not been factoring the measurement into my overall BMI I am really being allowed excess calories. I tend to choose sitting over standing when doing dishes etc because it's easier on my spine. The other day I consumed around 1400 calories ... maybe even less, and I felt much better ! Intellectually I have concluded that 1400 calories per day may be healthier. I haven't cut down yet because I am taking medication which requires a regular solid food intake. I actually gained weight last week but this could partly be due to the pain relief I have needed to use having an adverse effect upon my bowel habits.

The last time I used this weight loss plan I lost approx 16lbs. (A number of years ago.) I walked a lot that time on a weekly basis and also worked long shifts full time in Care. As you can imagine that involved a lot of "hoof work", so losing weight came easier. I know that cutting 320 calories out of an already restricted diet can add to one's Allostatic Stress, but I think that it could help me to avoid an added metabolic disorder such as kidney stones, diabetes or cancer. I also felt much younger that day. Sadly, a lapsed into binging on another day even though I had previously been "staying strong".

The conclusion is that I need to ignore what the NHS app tells me and cut down to around 1400 calories per day in order to improve my weight loss and health. I also need to reach 5 a Day. Some days I only have one or two ... on others not even one ! It would make a dietician shudder ... 😳

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI in reply to A-b-c-d

NHS app what is this?

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Sheepfan6kg in reply to Bluelady-sing

Its the NHS better health app, it's a free calorie counting tool you can use to keep track of what you're eating and it also gives you a recommendation of how many calories you need to eat based on your BMI and activity level. If you're a healthy BMI then it will give you a maintenance calorie allowance so to lose weight you need to aim slightly under that.

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A-b-c-dRestart Dec 2022 in reply to Bluelady-sing

Hi !

it's their diet app. It allows a person to record calories, their 5 a day, their BMI and daily calorie allowance. They have a number of apps. The Weight Loss app also has a fitness part which recods activities. They have a Musculoskeletal app, Liver app, Drink Free Days app and Drink Less app. I have the app which records all my inoculations, medications, medical conditions and various test results. Working in Care I have needed to have various hepatitis shots. I could just whip out my phone and prove that I'd had them. It's really quite amazing. A person can go back years to find blood test results etc, for example. There are more NHS apps. They are all in the app on my iphone. 😇

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A-b-c-dRestart Dec 2022 in reply to Bluelady-sing

... sorry THE APP STORE 🙄

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A-b-c-dRestart Dec 2022

Another one is ACTIVE 10 (NHS). I find its format inspiring because it only takes up 10 minutes at a time. There's no big emotional buildup and going into a "fight or flight" mode before starting due to its brevity. (I am psychologically worn out after 35 years of hard labour.) It doesn't interfere with 'me time' thereby avoiding the risk of negative energy being generated ... 🙃

It's in the APP STORE too ! 🏃‍♀️⌛️

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don’t panic, a long and slow weight loss is the best way as it is more sustainable in the long-run (say she who has put back on some of the weight I had lost for various reasons) - by going for the long term, you will change you approach food - for me, it is about eating much less bread and cooking more from fresh (less carb and less processed) but not beating myself up when i have a cake moment

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Wish32023 January

I totally understand how you feel ! I’ve had such a bad week & scales say I’m 3lb heavier ! Easy to give up ? But think of the bigger picture and set yourself a realistic goal !

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Today weight 67.3kgDown from 68, unless my scale batteries are gone!

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Hectorsmum22023 January

I am losing weight, no dieting, just a simple food plan of four small meals a day no refined sugar one day at a time. I have lost twenty four pound when I weighed a month a go and lost 7 pounds over christmas even had pudding. my arthristis is also better. I have done this by joining over eaters anonymous and working the same twelve steps as AA. I tried everything else and nothing ever lasted if it helped at all.

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GizmocatModerator in reply to Hectorsmum2

Well done. Its sounds like you are doing well on your plan. All the information you need to find your way around can be found herehealthunlocked.com/weight-l....

Do have a good look around and read all the links. You might like to post your start weight on the weigh in. Joining in as much as possible is the best way to get support. Keep coming back and joining in and chatting.

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Hectorsmum22023 January in reply to Gizmocat

Thank you for the welcome.

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