The journey travelled

January is a time for reflection and new goals, especially those to do with our health and weight.

When we embark on a weightloss journey the path ahead seems very daunting and almost impossible. But I like to think of my weightloss journey as a leisurely world tour, not a whirlwind flight around the planet....a route to be travelled in short sections, appreciating each stopping place and making new friends along the way.

It may take months or even years, but eventually the final leg of our journey brings us to the place we feel "at home".

So to any newcomers at the start of your weightloss journey ( and to any maintainers who, like me, went a bit off- course over xmas 😕) , just think of small steps for now, like a short hop to Paris, not necessarily all the way to Sydney!😁

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11 Replies

  • Haha ☺ Love the analogy. Think I've been hitch hiking and got stuck on the beach somewhere. . . Very nice to be here but not my final destination! !! Lol ☺

    My advice for newbies is create good habits. 'Constant dripping hollows out stone'. Good habits dont happen overnight, but we can soon create them. Get into the habit of prepping healthy meals and learn a few quick nutritous recipes. We are creatures of habit. If you eat every day sat in front of the TV, every time you do this your brain expects food. If you stop evening nibbling, after a few weeks ( or even days ) you lose the habit.

    Happy New Year elliebath

  • Happy new year to you too anna.

    Good advice about TV nibbling. My other half is hopeless with this, it doesn't seem to make any difference if we eat a main meal at 5, 6 or 7pm he still gets the munchies at 9 and that tempts me too. Thank goodness only the chocolate creams left in the tin of quality street ( I dont like 'em)

  • Love the post ,you have just put into writing my thoughts, so thank you . I have 7lbs to loose where I will be happy with . Lost 2 1/2 stone now 10st n 5ft 4ins.began in Sept . May we encourage so many people baby steps all the way , And one blip is always allowed 😜 !!!

  • If you've lost 2.5 stone since September you're definitely already in Australia well done! It took me nearly a year to get from 12st to 9st 10 .

    Don't be afraid of a plateau, and be willing to settle at a point that is maintainable rather than always chase a final 5 lbs. That is not everybody's view, I know, but it's worked for me for two years.

  • You can join me on the beach Ganny ☺ we can encourage each other ☺☺☺

  • Looking forward to the next four weeks , increase excersie, but eating the same ! Think the maintaining is going to be my mountain x

  • Think I would need a onesie to cover up the wrinkly bits 😊

  • I'm just starting week 2 but so far so good. I think I might have made it from Manchester to Birmingham. Look out rest of the world, here I come.

  • 😁

  • I just love your post Elliebath and what wonderful sentiments. I definitely feel like I've crossed through Europe but whether I ever get to Australia is anyone's guess! I shan't mind a bit if I linger here for a while x

  • Ha, seems you're well on your way, just go easy on the chow mein and curry as you pass through Asia!

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