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Hello! Newbie :-D

Not being one to go for all the New Year, New Me malarkey! I have decided to start taking better care of my body...if weight loss is a part of that, then so be it!

I'm 28 with epilepsy and IIH; for my height, I should be around 10st. That would mean loosing half of my body weight, but as I said, so be it!

My illnesses have been one of the biggest factors for my weight gain. However, add on to that, that I am an emotional eater from a family that feeds you to show they care, you end up a little (a lot!) overweight!

Looking forward to sharing this journey on here.

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Hi and welcome

Have a look at the pinned Newbie thread, there is loads of helpful information there.

Are you going to do the NHS 12 week plan? I have done this and it has been easier to get into than I thought and after 2 weeks calorie counting and weighing portions now comes as second nature

I lost all my info earlier this morning and had to start again - Gawd I felt so lost with losing my spreadsheet data and having to start again - just goes to show that the NHS 12 week plan has totally changed my eating habits and logging all the food I eat, which is a great thing as I still have a couple of stone to loose

All the best on your journey, feel free to ask questions, there is always someone around to answer and give support

Best wishes


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I agree the 12 week plan has certainly changed my eating habits for the better.👍😊


Hi and welcome to this friendly forum.

We are all here for the same thing to feel fitter, loose weight then maintain it and have a support there for us to help and advise.

I started last May for the main reason to stop the aches and pains on my hips,knees etc plus to stop feeling like my heart was coming out of my chest when I walked up a hill. Loosing weight has massively eased these conditions.

Take a look at the newbies post lots of info on there if you want to follow a calorie controlled way of eating to aid weight loss check your daily calorie allowance using the BMI calculator. Drink plenty of water easier to do in summer and up the exercise even if like myself it's just extra walking.

Tell your family what you are doing and what you hope to achieve let them know you just want to eat more healthily. Emotional eating is the worst I have done it all my life now I realise that sugar is addictive just like a drug you can become dedicated to it and crave it.

My daughters boyfriend is epileptic didn't come on till he was 19 it's very draining for him and of course stops you from doing so many things in life he is lucky to have a job but had to give up his apprentiship as it involved machinery.

Make small changes and give yourself small goals maybe for the first 7lb you loose a treat of non food type hairdressers, nails, new book, cinema trip whatever.

Good luck shout out if you need further advice so many people on her with a wealth of knowledge.


Hi CornishPasty, I have epilepsy too, I need to lose around 3 stone at least. Is your epilepsy controlled, i am in the uk and my epilepsy used to be controlled with 1 seizure a year and then suddenly jumped to around 30 a month. Now it is around 13 a month. This is not an exact figure just a rough figure, as epilepsy always varies. I have always struggled with weight but think this could be due to my carbs or my meds but not sure. If you need advice about epilepsy I can possibly help you as I am joined with epilepsy action so can quite often help others with info as not many epileptics even know the answers to many things and too many people think that epilepsy is just to do with flashing lights and that is it. It is nothing like that and effects many of us much more than this. Hope you get to your goal and this site has been great for me with information & advice, all you have to do is ask any questions you have as it is very friendly.


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