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Newbie stuck in a rut!!!

Due to several stressful situations I since the start of the year I have now found myself 2 stone heavier (having started the year wanting to lose a stone)! I go through stages of being really good and have done several bootcamp but then something will happen and all my good work goes to waste. I am currently on anti depressants and know that working out will lift my mood but I just get to the point where I feel too fat and self conscious to do anything and that in turn makes me more depressed! I've even bought loads of exercise equipment for home but by the time the kids are in bed all I want to do, especially if feeling low, is sit and watch TV.

I've got Polycystic Ovaries and have recently stopped taking the contraceptive pill so I'm waiting to see what effect that has on my weight.

Any advice would be appreciated as I'm just getting more and more unhappy with my weight and how I am.

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Hi Googoo, im new too so thought i would come and say hi! :) im afraid i have no concrete advice yet, but i will keep an eye out for you and try help and support you as much as i can! (as im sure everyone will). I agree with being too self consious - i do almost all of my workouts at home. If you have a look on youtube there are some great at home ones with no equipment. Its not easy, but i think the support of everyone here will help ALOT! Lovely to see you here, weve got this. Do you have a certain amount you would like to lose? x

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Hi Ambie, yeah I would like to lose 3 stone. I started at a slimming club after I had my youngest (he's now 7) and I lost all of the pregnancy weight and more. Used to run 8k 3-4 times a week which helped but I then injured my ankle, rupturing the ligaments and it keeps flairing up! X

I put one stone back on but then with everything that's happened this year my eye was well and truely off the ball x

What about you, how much are you aiming to lose?


It is very hard when you are feeling low to concentrate on your weightless and exercise with young children is very very difficult. This half term I have really struggled but in the end I just did it with them! I am not sure that we got enough done but it was very very funny. I have found it easier to do most of my workouts at the weekends while my husband looks after the kids and then do maybe only one or 2 workouts in the evenings because I am too tired. I joined a yoga class on a Tuesday evening. I was so nervous because I didn't know anyone there but they were lovely and I really enjoy it now, its 90 mins of my 150 minutes. (are you using the NHS 12 week plan?)

Take a look at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread.

Look at the Topics section beneath that, for posts that could answer any questions you may have. Consider joining any, or all, of our challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

Join us for the Monday Group weigh-in. If you follow Lowcal and Moreless (our very approachable site Admins), you'll be notified when they post the threads. The latest weigh-in thread can always be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page.

Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration.

Enjoy the forum, and wishing you success with your goals.


Thank you for your message. I'm just lying on my bed atm feeling 😔 and it being "that time" isn't helping. I'm going to force myself to go to the gym in a bit I think and then food shopping to stock up on healthy food x

I clicked on the weigh in feed but it said that thread was now closed? X


Do the afternoon/evening one


Does it come out again in the thread? Sorry to be a pain, new to all this x


If you follow moreless and lowcal you will get a notification otherwise look in the events but at this time you need to do the afterwards/evening one. Good luck

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Thank you x


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