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Unfit with a fit husband

Hello All

I'm new to this site

I have been heavy most of my adult life and only really lost weight in the year run up to my wedding. My husband on the other hand is doing great.

I have reached middle age and with my children gone, like others I have read about , now feel it's time for me. I didn't want to be fat and forty, missed that milestone by a mile now a decade older and things have got to change. I would welcome a local friend who is also four stone over weight to slim and exercise with,. I love walking

Good luck to you all

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Hi, This is an excellent time of life to take stock and make changes.

I was able to lose a lot of weight as a 50th birthday present to myself; if you have a birthday on the horizon, it can sometimes help to focus your efforts. I managed to keep it off for a few years but then slipped back into bad habits (as happens) when life intervened - however, am now in the middle of losing it again, and the end is in sight!

It is good you enjoy walking - there are several clubs around where you can walk with others and enjoy a good chin-wag whilst burning calories. Don't let your age get between you and having some fun in your later years - maybe even consider taking up a new sport or hobby (mine was returning to horse riding) - there is nothing like a little excitement to help you to lose those unwanted lbs!


Yes, I've got a 50th birthday looming and it is a great deadline to set to recalibrate and decide who I want to be (fitter not fatter!).

Once you get started it is actually quite good fun to put yourself first and to spend time on considering your own needs....

Badminton, yoga and my allotment are keeping me active!


Hi Fatnothappy,

Welcome to the NHS weight loss site. The Welcome Newbie post (top right hand side of the homepage in the Pinned posts section) is a good read and will tell you about some of the things people like about this forum - including a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is an excellent resource.

I hope you'll have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


I would suggest seeing if you have a local nordic walking group. Its walking but you hold poles, so it works more of your body, but feels easier than normal walking. There are groups all over the UK.


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