It's the Weekend!!! :-)

It's the Weekend!!! :-)

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far.

I've had a nice breakfast - hence the photo showing Porridge with nuts, seeds, and various berries and a sprinkling of Cinnamon on top. The total calories for that are 461 and it has kept me full and satisfied till lunch-time. I'm hoping to have a mixed salad today for lunch, possibly with either cheese or smoked salmon. What are you having for your meals today?

I sometimes just have a Brunch on Saturdays, but today I decided to separate the meals. I always like to hear what people are having, and hope that you do too. It can really help to think of new ideas to try out.

If you're new on this forum, then Welcome, and I'd like to post a link to the Welcome Newbie post:

I'd recommend having a read of that - it's kept in the Pinned posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage) - there are various Challenges there too, and if you click on 'view more' you'll also find our Recipe Collation post, but I'm going to put a link here, incase you want to have a look quickly:

We also have a Monday group weigh-in - so have a look at the Events Section (below the Pinned posts for details of that), and please join us if you like the look of it. The next session thread will be posted before 6.30am on Monday! We are around all day and into the evening, for anyone who would like to participate and have a weigh-in.

Have a great weekend!

Lowcal :-)

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24 Replies

  • Yummy!😀

  • Thanks Activity, it was, and I enjoyed my salad too. :-) Hope you have a lovely afternoon! :-)

  • Thanks!😄

  • Lovely! I've had a few bran flakes lightly crushed with Greek yoghurt and strawberries - 136 cal and for lunch a WW pitta bread stuffed with boiled egg and salad - 185 cal. My weight seems to have stuck, I've rechecked my BMI and with the increased exercise I'm doing it says 1553 calories per day for the lowest. I'm wondering whether to take advice I've seen on here, bite the bullet and try and make myself eat more, I'm just scared of it not working and gaining!

  • Hi Caz,

    Great to see you! Your breakfast sounds tasty - and also your lunch too. Very low calories though - my salad I had for lunch was 660 calories! It was very tasty.

    I'd definitely be in favour of eating more, as the calorie recommendation from the NHS BMI calculator is really good, and is for healthy weight loss. Go on - bite the bullet (or rather allow yourself the calorie range so you are having sufficient nutrients for your body's daily needs - I think it's really important).

    Hope you have a really lovely day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thanks! I've still not eaten anything else today yet! I've just spent hours giving both my dogs a haircut and bath! Going to have a meal now, don't really like eating this late! Not been walking today either 😳 Oh well, back to it tomorrow...there's a village festival on and I'm going to walk there and back about 3.5 miles and might indulge in a treat to up my calories 🍦

  • I hope you enjoy the Village Festival - that sounds really good. Enjoy your evening! :-)

  • I've never eaten breakfast (I know!) but at midday I have a large bowl of homemade muesli with skimmed milk and berries which comes in at 450 calories. During the afternoon I have half a full fat Greek yogurt and a sugar free jelly for 90 calories...that's my two dairy covered ;) If I'm still hungry I'll have an apple (unless is it's orange season then I'll have an orange). I'm becoming addicted to a spicy vegetable juice so I'll have a 150ml glass for 30 calories. So before dinner I'll have had three of my five a day, plus two dairy and lots of fibre...for about 620 calories. Mind I've just been out picking gooseberries and rhubarb for a crumble tomorrow!!

  • Hi Jenyfer,

    You've definitely got your 2 dairy covered there - I love Greek yoghurt - I really like the texture and the flavour too. Your homemade muesli sounds really tasty - do you make it in a batch and use it through the week, or do you just make sufficient for that day? Does it keep quite fresh?

    Mmmm, I really love crumble - I bet your gooseberry and rhubarb crumble will be really really good!

    I'm having chicken with vegetables tonight, and then a strawberry tart - it's a treat for me as a dessert on the weekend, and I am really looking forward to it!!! :-)

    Enjoy your evening

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi, lovely ideas you lot have, i had mixed fruits having a special treat dinner tonight so for once forward planning to keep in my allowance.

  • Hi Prawncess,

    Mixed fruits sounds delicious. Hope you enjoy your special treat dinner tonight, and well done for some forward planning - enjoy your evening!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Usual breakfast after 30 minutes walking/cycling and a few stretches of porrige with mashed banana and sultanas.

    We had a special Saturday treat for lunch of toasted wholemeal roll with scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon 😊 Yum yum 😊

    Salad with low fat cheese in a seedy wrap for tea, followed by fruit salad and Skyr yogurt 😊

    Pretty healthy day so far 😊 Happy weekend everybody

  • Hi Anna,

    Brilliant to hear you've done 30 minutes of walking and cycling, and a few stretches, and then enjoyed your Porridge breakfast.

    Your special Saturday treat lunch sounds delicious!!! Yum yum - I like the sound of that!

    Your evening meal sounds great too - hope you enjoy your evening.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Uh wow , the breakfast looks amazing Zest

    I should try it ❤️

  • Thanks Roxi, it is a delicious breakfast. I'd definitely recommend it. I use the largest porridge oats I can find, and add the nuts, fruits and mixed seeds, on the top, and it is really tasty.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh lowcal you good influence! I've really crashed and burned the last two days at Aged M's. She's a difficult old lady and there's nothing like your mother to bring out your inner door slamming teenager. In the cool light of day having Aged M describe me as "that awful brat who knows everything" doesn't actually sound like a good reason to sit up till midnight crying and drinking wine! 😢🍾

    So thank you for the nudge. Today is a new day and I shall ignore the potatoes in the fridge that could have been part of a fried breakfast and look forwards to toast and marmite instead!

  • Hi Fleur64,

    Yes, it's definitely a new day today, and I hope you enjoyed your toast and marmite breakfast today - sounds like you had a really tough time last night, and I'd like to send you the biggest hug to say well done for getting through that! Your Aged M sounds like she was particularly challenging last night - at least she gave you some credit for being knowledgeable - even if she maybe didn't phrase it in the most complimentary way.

    I hope today is a better day, and I hope you enjoy some more relaxing moments.

    Wishing you all the best for a good Sunday.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes I'm fine thanks and on my way home! With toast and marmite in my tum and nothing more self indulgent.

  • Lol! I've just this minute joined and seeing the photo of your breakfast has put the biggest smile on my face. I am about to get up and make my breakfast which is my main motivator for getting up. I have wondered if I need to tackle portion control but oh how I love my 50grams of porridge oats made up with 2/3rds rice milk, blueberries and fat free natural yogurt. Ohh lordy, relationships with food are complex! I do not like feeling bulky; I want to be a healthier weight and at the same time want to rebel against anyone who says I should do anything about it - including my own inner voice. I love my big bowl of porridge! I am 57 so have lived with my inner rebel for many years and love her dearly. I can see this is going to be a fun ride whether I lose weight or not. Well porridge here I come and I'll see how the day unfolds😁

  • Hi Sueinsheff,

    Glad the photo of my breakfast made you smile so much! :-) I hope you enjoy your bowl of porridge - I have less than you - as I weigh out 30g, but I boost it with the nuts, seeds and berry fruits. I've had the same again today.

    You're sounding positive and in tune with your 'inner rebel' so it will certainly be a fun ride - but hopefully you will find the forum to be a supportive and helpful place on your weight loss journey. Good luck with your goals, and hope to see you around and about in the forum.

    Have a great day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Ooh thank you for getting back to me with your lovely response which in itself is a motivator. Today I have saved some of my porridge for later and feel very happy about that!

  • I had porridge for breakfast yesterday too: 50g Sainsbury's porridge oats with wheatbran and oatbran; 30g organic flaxseed; 1 teaspoon cinnamon; 60g berries. Made up with water. And followed by two buttermilk crumpets, 1 teaspoon of butter and 20g cheddar. A bargain at just 707 calories.

    Lunch was turkey and butternut squash curry on a bed of cabbage and leek with half a litre of soda flavoured with the juice of a lime. This was followed by 150g Skyr, then 15g 100% chocolate with 8g peanut butter and a medjool date (724 calories).

    Dinner was a pork loin chop, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Followed by a piece of dark rye bread with a sliced tomato, 20g melted cheddar, a smashed avocado. Last up, 15g dry roasted peanuts (552 calories).

  • Hi Radioactiveblue,

    Great to see you! You've had a 'bumper' breakfast - full of nutrients and really sounds good! I love crumpets - yum!!!

    Your lunch sounds really delicious too - and also your dinner. Some great ideas for meals there - thanks for sharing your meals - I loved hearing about them!

    I might try some dark rye bread as a change - it sounds good.

    Hope you're having a great day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I had porridge with blueberries for breakfast too. I had sword fish with roasted peppers for dinner. Sorry there's no photo but it was lovely! Swordfish is so low in calories. I cook it on a non stick griddle pan. Fab!

    Your breakfast looked lovely! Nice job!

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