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Any idea or advice would you share with me !


I would like to ask how can someone lose weight without gaining like me the more a try to loss the more I gain I got slow metabolism also my thyroid is under active which causes me hard to lose weight I tried every thing herbel life ,going to the gym, nutrition I hardly thought even what I do gastric bypass surgery?

Is there any advice would anyone like to give me?

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Hi Fatima, just a few ideas here for you to experiment with, I am wondering if you start a plan but then become discouraged or stop /old habits come back etc.. When we work out the body tones muscle which can seem like we haven't lost weight so I reccomend to measure your inch loss around key body areas along side occasional scales. Next increase your FIBRE intake! And the more intense you work out the MORE Calories from healthy foods your body needs! If you have been working out and eating less your body loses muscle strength and also makes your body go into protective mode from losing weight if your not getting enough calories.. You can find Calorie checkers for the level of exercise /activity you do online :)

Because of your under-active thyroid I would also try not to get too big a gap between calories in and calories used. Normally, for the NHS 12-week plan the suggestion is, I think, a calorie intake of about 1400 compared with calorie need of about 2000. That 600 calorie shortfall may be too big for you. I look at a target of 1500 and don't worry even if I have more (but below 2000). You may lose weight more slowly than another person on 1400 but they are not contending with an under-active thyroid.

Also is your medication for your thyroid at the best level for you?

Hello Fatima for most of my adult life i suffered the same....under active thyroid...yo-yo dieting ending up with more weight to lose. I was on a high dose of thyroxine (175mcg) at the time.

Eventually in 2005 I decided enough was enough and joined WW and stayed to the talks after being weighed, kept to the letter and was very strict especially around the intake of bread....i totally stopped eating it. I lost 4st steadily.

I started exercising about a month into the diet by joining the gym and going round the equipment 3 times a I say I was determined.

Despite all this I had fish (no batter) and chips every Friday. So I did not stop enjoying some things in life. The more I lost the more I was encouraged to do so.

You can do it.....just don't be hard on yourself because that can result in disappointment resulting in giving up. Good luck....

Good morning, Well I believe you have to keep your metabolism going during the day. Personally I don't go for hours and hours without food, I eat low cal snacks, fruit etc. between meals. I believe your body is like a car engine, it needs fuel and if it runs out it stops. I have lost more weight myself using this principle.

I have an underactive thyroid too, it makes losing weight slower for us. I have an unhealthy relationship with food i.e. emotional issues that make me binge eat, so I undo my good work sometimes. I don't know how much weight you need to lose but if it's a lot there are things your doctor can do to help in the beginning. Here's what has helped me: I'm tackling the issues that drive me to binge eat; I don't eat processed foods at all because they don't fill me up enough to be worth the calories they contain; so far I have lost 3st and haven't been to the gym because strenuous activity makes me hungry for more calories than I've burned, instead I walk as much and often as possible the amount I can walk has increased a lot in the last few months. My advice is to keep a food diary of everything you eat and count up the calories each day, drink lots of water through the day and a glass before each meal as it will curb your appetite. I'm still struggling and have 3st more to lose. If I have a bad day I try to forgive myself and say I'll do better from now on. Good Luck x

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to newmeby2017

I agree totally with this post 😊 Firstly, under active thyroid does make losing weight more difficult but not impossible. 😊Secondly, try to tackle the eating issues that have caused the weight gain, I have a very healthy appetite so I follow a generous plan with lots of treats allowed, but carefully watch portion size. Apparently there should be a sort of 'switch' that tells you that you have had enough to eat, well I don't have one!! Lol 😊 So I have to be very careful about this.

I agree also about walking, and if I do any extra exercise I allow myself to eat a little bit more 😊

Water is my best friend! Drinking before, during and after eating. Latest research is suggesting that as well as hydration this actually helps digestion and weight loss 😊

Lastly, and most importantly, plan your meals and keep a food diary. 😊

You can do this, lots of people on here do 😊 Keep us posted! Good luck

Ps newmeby2017 glad to hear things are going better for you 😊

Thanks although am not emotional eater. But I don't eat enough I may skip breakfast or eat only once a day I also fast alot which I hardly eat.

Totally agree with all of the above, although do not have any experience of under active thyroid. I am using the free Fitbit app on my phone to help me track calories in and out (you can also track water). It's hard but you just need to be kind to yourself and tackle each day one at a time 😉

Have a look at the Thyroid site on HU for some extra advice.

Hi ,I also have an under active thyroid for which I take medication. The only eating plan that works for me is the slimming world one. I have currently lost one and a half stone following it, but still have a way to go, but it works for me. Hope this helps.


Hi Fatima I to have thyroid problems and discovered that my weight went up 4Ibs a week when my TSH levels were over 4.5 I spoke with my dr etc and eventualy got them to see that my weight gain was halted when my levels were at 2-3 apparently In Europe drs work on a range of 2-3 where as in this country the range is kept higher nearer 5.5.I also found a low carb diet worked best for me,this of course is my experience and each of us is different...I hope this may be of some help.


Hi Fatima, as you've got an under-active thyroid, have you made sure you are on the right treatment for it? As I understand it, once the underactive thyroid is topped up with thyroxin, it should put you in exactly the same position as someone who's thyroid is "normal". So it's worth checking with your GP just in case you need more thyroxin.

Also, I'd suggest making yourself eat 3 portions of cooked veg with your lunch and dinner, regardless of what else you are eating (boiled or baked veg, not fried of course!), as this will really fill you up, won't contain many calories, as well as being good for you.

Also, eat three meals a day and don't snack between meals, even so-called "healthy snacks". You need to get into the habit of eating at mealtimes and then giving your system a rest between meals.

Also, keep up the gym, but can you also be more active generally, eg walking everywhere rather than driving, doing a few exercises while watching the TV, taking up a sport you enjoy doing and do it just for pleasure?

Although it is very boring to do, it is really worth counting every calorie you take in, which means weighing and measuring everything. It is very easy to under-state how much we eat, and weighing it out makes it much harder to fool ourselves. You could try pouring out what you think is 2oz rice, for example, and then weigh it to see how accurate your estimates are. Could be an eye-opener.

Finally, I think those of us who struggle with our weight probably do have to accept that we will never be able to eat quite as much as we would like. But it is worth it to get our weight down!

Good luck.

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