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Amazing week

Hello Everyone,

What a week my tum has decided to start shrinking yay, the bit I wanted to shrink is being stubborn while the other parts are dropping off.

Gone from 10st 3lb to 9st and my bmi is 23. Another yay.

Good days are getting more and more and not many 'I can't do this' days.

Overwhelmed by the choice of clothes and clothes shops some like Quiz I called slim people shops. Now I can go in and buy.   Only problem is too many choices now and my head is still finding getting used to it.

One goal to get into my skirt I got married in 21yrs ago this August. Today it fit and fastened a bit tight around tum and hips but I got it on. Showed my husband who said  'looking good but the skirt's looking old'. It is 21yr old not suprised.

Hope your all having a good week.


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Well done gottodothis!! Looking forward to being where you are. 😀 I bought a little black dress a couple of wks ago to celebrate my first stone weight loss and it was a little tight. Wore it last night to see chicago at the theatre and it was too big!!! Was so chuffed .... my friends kept pulling it in so it fitted perfectly. Need to get the sewing machine out to alter if when i wear it again. Big yey 😀 


Well done on all your successes! Getting into the slim clothes I like is a major motivator for me. So pleased for you x


Amazing work! Utterly thrilled for you that you are reaping the rewards of your hard work :) Long may it continue! x


It's funny how the parts shrink, for me the fact my calves were less chunky surprised me, gone off skirts, my waist post menopause is not what it was, dresses and jeans now!

Well done in fitting in your wedding skirt

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