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Losing weight without exercising ?

Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone out there is losing weight without exercise and what ur actually eating.

I have increased my cals to 1300 after going on nhs calc (thanks for reminding me moreless!)

I'm 5ft3 weigh 10sr 7. Aged 30. Don't have any energy for exercise at the moment which I'm putting down to low vitamin d levels.

Any advice welcome!


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The only exercise you need is to try and get out in the sunshine when possible to help your vitamin D deficiency - once you feel well enough, start with a gently walk, and each week, try and add a little distance or more of a hill if possible. If you really are unable to get outside, just make a point of taking the stairs once more than you would normally - or putting a hoover round or basically just moving a little more each day. Once you start to feel stronger, you will feel naturally more like going walking, cycling, swimming etc. Hopefully the healthier diet will make you feel better!



I'm in wheelchair and have lost 4lb this week, I have other conditions, fibromyalgia, pituitary disease, hypothyroidism etc etc that mean poor mobility.

I think I just get used to eating less than my able bodied counterparts. Since my op 12 weeks ago I've managed to maintain which I see as a huge achievement especially as that time included Xmas and my 50th birthday.

I did slimming world and was not successful I think the plan was too much food for me.

So I'm calorie counting using an myfitnesspal app. Remember to record as you eat, I easily forget the odd biscuit.

To cut a long story short I'm now allowed to weight bear, but my legs are weak. This afternoon I'm going to chairobics, my first tentative start to exercise.

Have you tried vit d tablets, I have a deficiencies in vits B12 and D and calcium so get on prescription.

Good luck and don't lose heart.


P.s my total loss over last 20 months is 3 stone.


Wow Janey you are an inspiration 😊 I struggle with arthritis, weight bearing exercise and general lack of fitness too, but think I am slowly winning to war back to good health. Your story has really helped me put things in perspective. Thank you, very well done and best wishes for future good health 😊

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Perhaps check with your doctor about your tiredness. It could be a sign of aenemia rather than a lack of vit D.

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I'm not into exercise, (see my post), I also note everything I eat as Janeybrass has suggested. I've been following the NHS healthy eating plan for almost a year and have lost around 3 stone. I'm five foot two and half inches so know only too well the problems of being short.

Good luck to you.


I have health issues, I will try to do some aerobic on my treadmill, but it's difficult and results in extreme fatigue so is limited. I am doing an absolute diet for the first week to bump start and yesterday achieved a healthy 607 calories fat free (apart from what you find in fish and extra lean meat). I am using skimmed milk in my tea, only sugar subs for my treats which are no sugar jelly (I can have 2) and chewing gum lol Yesterday I ate a jelly and banana for breakfast, a small tin of tuna fish for lunch in a bowl with some pickled cabbage, half a very large cauliflower and a very small baked potato with just the meat only bit of a grilled pork loin for dinner, another jelly as a treat at 9pm. I have not been at all hungry and slept better than I have for ages last night. Possible 1-2lb loss. Today jelly and the other pork loin middle for breakfast (banana's coming tomorrow), tuna fish for lunch with a couple of rings of pineapple, dinner I made quorn chilli with kidney beans passata, onion and grated carrot. Whole thing came to 800 calories and my quarter was 200, hubby had half with chunky bread and there is some for lunch for me tomorrow :) So 600 cal about again today.

I suffered a very near blip earlier, my dad has had a fall and not been good today, his phone was not working, suspected it was hubby just not getting it right when there earlier, anyway, thought shall have a root in the naughty box for something to send with hubby for him. Jaffa cakes chosen, put the box back in and a soft honey dark chocolate bar was lurking. I resisted telling myself its nearly a whole day of food calorie wise in one go :(

Staying determined, hubby gave up all sweet things and in particular chocolate 3 years ago now, we both did, he lost 3 stone in about6 months, and has kept it off, I lost 1 and a half and have re-gained more than I lost it also took me 18 months, granted I am now on fat inducing drugs.

I think what I am saying is, those of us that can't exercise have to accept significantly lower calories are required to lose weight than others who move around like normal people. It can be done and you don't need to be hungry :) Eat fruit, chew gum and don't forget the joy of a small tub of sugar free jelly :)


There's a diet plan on Facebook called the Terri Ann 123 plan. She charges one fee and you get a lifetime of support 24/7. She has staff to help her answer your queries etc. Its a LOT of protein and miniscule amounts of carbs but if you're not able to move much you don't need the carbs anyway. There's skinny rice and skinny pasta if you want some though and Sweet potatoes are an alternative to the normal white potato. My GP said smaller portions and no carbs after 5pm, none on the evening meal as you won't exercise them off and protein only will help keep your metabolism going.

I'm looking at doing the 123 plan but getting my head into gear for yet another healthy eating diet/plan is proving difficult but I'm almost there.


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Yes, I have had ill health for the last couple of years, but still managed to lose the final stone to get to my target weight. I did have to be strict to manage it. And there were lots of weeks, where all I achieved was not to put on, or I put on and then had to lose that lb again! I would recommend that you keep a diary showing what you have eaten. This allows you to work out what is successful and can be repeated. And also to learn from any errors to avoid them in the future.

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Thanks for all ur replies everyone

Are any of u on my fitness pal - would love to add u as a friend!

Dartmoordumpling - lol love the name! Ur right about the sunshine. Apparently we need Just 20 mins of sunlight for vitamin d. I have a 1.5 year old and three year old. It's so cold at the moment and I don't know how it would be walking it's both the kids to school. It is about 15 mins away but that might be key to making me feel better too. I think one day I'm going to wrap them

Up warm and will take them.

Janey - wow that's amazing. U have lost 3 stones in 3 months. Even one is remarkable, amazing, well done. Thanks I will look at how much I'm eating and may go back to 1200, i just do end up being hungry. I hav just been prescribed vitamin d tabs and also take iron supplements. Thanks for the kind words.

Have done a blood test iron levels are fine it was just vitamin d levels that came up, I do take floradix and iron supplement anyway.

Jenever - yeah it is hard but I think I need to really think about what I'm eating. Well done for losing 3 stone

The hud - thanks for detailing exactly what ur eating. Well done for losing that weight.

Cannylass - tried 123 diet plan it didn't really work for me

Venusfly trap - thank u. I will keep an eye on what I'm eating

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It's 3 stone in last 20 months, not so amazing but an achievement.

Good luck 🍀


It's not possible to get enough sun in the UK in the winter months to affect your vitamin D levels, but having a daily walk is just a good idea anyway.

Remember that vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so you need to be eating some healthy natural fats to make sure your body can use the vitamin.


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