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Loosing weight....and the difficulties with it!

I'm 30 have under active thyroid which was discovered after I had my first child 2014. I also have PCOS and for years even before I knew I had these medical conditions, have had trouble with my weight. I'm on a calorie diet. I'm really struggling with trying to loose the extra weight. It's become even harder since having my little one, as it's left me with back problems on and existing scoliosis and now sciatica. I just wondered if there we're any exercises i could do alongside all of my existing problems as I've tried everything nothing seeming to work and it's now all getting me down.

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Hi Pinkpiglet1985,

Welcome to the forum. You asked a question regarding exercises you could do with your existing health issues - I would recommend speaking to your GP and or health care provider first regarding attempting exercises, just to ensure you are following their recommendations, but I did see an online website that suggests some potential exercises for people with similar issues to yourself.

You might find it helpful:


If you would like to join in our Monday weigh-in group - then please do so, as it is a very supportive group, and you'd be very welcome.

Lowcal :-)


Hi PP. Just a quick note to say "Welcome" and I hope that you are able to get some advice to help you with your medical issues. I think Lowcal is right - you need to be sure you are doing helpful rather than unhelpful exercises so some medical advice would be a good ideal.

My OH had really bad sciatica some years ago - he tried various things - and for him a great local physio (he paid as he was desperate! - about £40 a session) really helped. He had an assessment appointment, some treatment and was sent away with some exercises that really started to help him get on top of the problem without surgery (which was offered to him too).

These days he needs to cycle 40 odd miles a week to keep the sciatica properly under control - and tends to find inactive periods of the year (Christmas and holidays) more problematic. Once you've got better control of what you need to do, you can start to change your lifestyle to manage the situation better.

Anyway I just wanted to say well done for tackling your weight issue as that's bound to help the symptoms of some of the other problems. Good luck to you for a healthy 2016 and welcome to the gang!



Hi Pinkpiglet1985 and welcome. I've got to say from the outset that I'm not qualified to give advice on any medical conditions, although I've had some painful experience with sciatica and feel your pain. At my age 60/61 yrs old, I've experienced it for around 30 yrs. Back pain has increased as I aged and as I look after grandchildren, 18 months and 5yrs, I know just how difficult it can be. Recognising that things were not improving, I decided to try and diet (never done that before) and after some months stumbled upon this site.

I've been here for 3 or 4 months now and am using the 12 week plan to address all areas of health and fitness.

As a direct result of losing weight and generally being more active, I've just about got rid of all my back problems and other issues. I eased myself into the plan and although I saw my weight reducing from the offset, it took over 2 months for the physical benefits to kick in.

Not every ailment can be cured, I will always have very poor eyesight and a touch of arthritis for instance, but I can honestly say that the improvements in my general health, agility, stamina and well-being have been substantial.

I would highly recommend looking at the 12 plan and reading the supporting literature and if it suits, ease yourself into a healthy way of living. I eased myself into the plan and ignored the fact that it was a 12 week plan, because I want the changes to be incremental and permanent.

I took my time, started recording measurements and weight, as well as making note of any changes I had experienced over the month. A little anal, I know, but I'm a little like that :)

The most useful thing I've found is this forum, where it enabled me to ask questions, ask for suggestions and just have a chat.

I hope you find a way forward and are able to stick with the forum. My advice is to post as many questions as you can, you will be surprised at the combined experience there is here.

Hoping to hear from you again :)

Good luck


Hi Pinkpiglet,

I'm afraid I have no experience or expertise to be able to share with you, but I'd like to welcome you to the forum and I hope that you'll find the answers you need :)


Hi PP, Welcome to the forum, it's bloomin fab for help and support! I can't offer any wise words about what is the right exercise either but hope you can find something that suits you. I agree with Tewson that just dropping a few pounds will help with back and joint problems.

Look forward to seeing you on here!

Elsie xxx


Talking to a physio would be a good place to start, perhaps your doctor could refer you? I have had help from an osteopath in the past and have also found that Pilates, with a properly qualified instructor, was very helpful with back problems.

If you've got PCOS, your body will have difficulty dealing with insulin. Have a look at ways of cutting down on refined carbohydrates, like white bread, breakfast cereals, and especially on anything with added sugar. Look for high fibre, low GI carbs, if you can.

Good luck PP.


I found resistance exercise such as weighted squats alleviate sciatica. Seek the assistance of a reputable instructor to ensure effectiveness, and your safety.

You will find it difficult to lose weight because of insulin resistance that causes your PCOS for instance. Concentrate on lowering the glycaemic load, eating more whole-foods (including natural fats), enabling you to eat less overall. Your food needs to provide essential nutrients.

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