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new here

Hello, I am new here! I don't know what I am doing as yet and I really need help.

I a m a fulltime Mummy of two aged 6 and 1. I don't have time to cook these things, lunch is eating at my desk at work and usually breakfast is cereal, dinner is usually anything but mainly chicken and veg.

I got to the gym in lunch at work im loosing weight very slowly, I was 14'11 in Jan and im currently 13'11

I need help to get motivated and eat better. I have improved but now im stuck,

Im located in Essex not that it matters but might be some locals, thank you.

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Well done on your weight loss

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Hi minimoo,

Do you have any sort of plan of action? You haven't given many details, but it doesn't sound as though you're eating very much.

Try entering your details into the NHS BMI counter, to find out how many calories you should be eating/day and at the same time, check out the 12 week plan. It gives lots of good advice in simple steps, to get you on the road to healthy eating.

As for your lack of time, I can appreciate that as a working mum of two youngsters, life must be very hectic, but batch cooking and freezing can be a real lifesaver and at this time of the year, slow cookers and soup makers are worth their weight in gold.

I hope this has given you a few pointers. All the best with your weight loss journey :)

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Im still classed as overweight with BMI 27.5

it suggests I eat 1959k - well ive never counted before and I forget to weigh so I had better change that and get some scales!!

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It is suggested I loose 2 stone 13lb - that's about what I need to loose this baby weight.

So, I don't stick to 1400 I stick to 1959k?

Ive already ate 753k today!


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