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New beginnings

I've decided that tomorrow is a new beginning! I lost 3 stone at WW but have gradually put a stone back on that JUST WON'T SHIFT! Mostly I tell fibs to my self about what I've actually eaten! I know it's simple- eat less move more! Just downloaded the 12 week plan, charged my fit bit and I'm going to record EVERYTHING I eat! I will loose that stone before Christmas!

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Hi Runcazrun,

You sound really motivated and positive, and it's great that you've just downloaded the NHS 12 week plan, and charged your fit bit - you sound ready for action!

Congratulations for losing 3 stones at WW - that is really great! I know you've gradually put one of those stones back on, but hopefully with your new positivity and commitment to the new plan, you'll soon have that stone off again - hopefully by Christmas as per your goal.

Wishing you lots of success. Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done for losing 3 stones...im recording everything I eat too...im just trying to get my head round to do more exercises again especially as its getting cold weather...and I just want to snuggle and watch tv ...have a good first week..


Good for you Runcazrun, it is so doable by Christmas. Get your head in the game and start planning for your future and you will achieve your goal

Best of luck on your journey :-)


Food diaries , well they work for me, be honest with yourself! I do my daily add up, and treat it like a bank account, breaking even.

I think you see in a better mindset and ready to tackle new thinking again x


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