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New Beginnings

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Hi, i'm getting myself ready to get fitter, lose a possible 3 stone and get myself a healthier lifestyle. I've lost 3 stone before, but unfortunately have piled it back on again. This time i'm determined to do it again and keep it off. I am going to start walking again and watch what i eat. Any tips that anyone can suggest, i'm currently 14st 4lb, 5ft 4inch and BMI of 34. I'm going to charge my fitbit up and i'm ready to start the challenge. Anyone else in a similar situation?

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Hello! Well you're ready to go and that's marvellous, so first look at what you've been eating, and how often, to pile on 3 stone again - that's a heck of a lot of cake and bickies, even if your metabolism is a wee bit slugglish!

You're quite right, the Fitbit is a Great Motivator, so do remember that when it's piddling down outside you can turn to Your Friend and Mine, Youtube, which will provide you with any number of simple routines to jiggle about to on a rug EVERY DAY for about 30 min, which will help a lot in your bid to Shed the Stuff. Don't be over-ambitious at first, go for stuff you enjoy and makes you slightly out of breath, not the stuff performed by wispy models with not an ounce of fat which leave you Puffing Like an Old Mare and feeling ghastly - totally counter-productive. Try Jane Fonda, 30 min workout? She explains the benefits too, while she performs. Very encouraging.

I wonder whether you've been eating between meals? Your weight-gain does suggest that. This is fatal because your body cannot keep up with processing what you are trying to digest, so it stores it all up on you instead! Three square meals a day and no snacking will help enormously, especially if you are walking or jiggling about at home in between meals. This may mean an enormous shift in eating patterns but it really is a worthwhile challenge to overcome.

We all have our uphill climbs and I wish you the Best of Luck with yours.

Hi, t27sjj, Welcome

My BMI was about 35 when I started, and I intend to lose about three stone.

There were a few millennia when people could get fit and lose fat without electronic gizmos, but I find my AppleWatch 4 is a great help.

Did you lose weight by counting calories?

The way I lose weight (and will maintain) just involves eating less...

Less carbs, no (added) sugar or sweets or treats etc.

No puddings, no eating after 14:00.

I weigh myself frequently, and limit my weight loss to one pound a week.

...and it works (for me).

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Good morning t27sjj, and welcome to the forum 😊

My first tip would be some wise words I heard recently: If the way in which you lose weight is unsustainable, then your results are going to be unsustainable. In other words, diets don't do it, we need to learn to eat in a healthy and enjoyable way, and lose weight in the process.

My second tip would be to come here as often as you can, daily if possible. A good way to start would be joining the Saturday weigh in team. You'll get to know a very supportive bunch of people who will appreciate your support, too. Here's the link. If you read the opening post, it will explain all

You'll find a list of all the forum activities here

..... and this Newbie pack will help you find your way around

We also ask that you read this information about internet privacy and security

I see your post isn't locked. This means that it, and any replies, can be shared around the Internet without your knowledge or consent (see the Twitter and Facebook logos below your post). Often that won't matter to you but sometimes people discuss personal stuff or accidentally disclose something that might identify them so we think it's a good extra level of security to lock your posts. :)

Wishing you all the best and I hope you become an active and supportive member of the forum 😊

Hi, i have lost about 3 stone since September. i lost 4 stone before & put it back on. I still want to lose 3 to 4 stone so i have got some work to do yet, but what works for me is keeping a food diary i write it all down good or bad. There are alot of diets on the market but i eat what i want but just count the calories. I like to walk as well i try to get my 10000 steps in most days. & i try not to look at the end goal but just at the next pound. I will be interested to see how you get on, good luck.

Hello yes I’ve been up and down in weight most my life and now at my heaviest, I too have a steps watch so hoping to start I’m 5 ft 0 and just about to weigh it’s encouraging that we are all in the same boat let’s get fit!!

Hi I'm new to I'm 13st 12 5ft 4inches hoping to get to 13st to start with

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Hi, yes im in a similar position, infact your story sounds very familiar ! Im going to get new year out the way and start on wednesday , ive downloaded the nhs 12 week plan so watch this space

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Wow, you've had a lot of replies! Have they been helpful?

How about joining the Sunday weigh in team? We're a friendly bunch and you'll be made very welcome. Just click on the link, read the opening post and all will be explained

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