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Half way trough the 12 week challenge


I started the 12 week challenge 6 weeks ago but only found this forum the other day. I've been reading your posts so thought i should introduce myself.

I'm a full time working mom of 2 boys and over the years simple solutions and no time for exercise had got me up to a massive 96kg (just over 15 stone) and as I'm only 5'5" something needs to change. I went online and found the NHS plan. as I in my youth struggled with bulimia I wanted to loose the weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

After 6 weeks in down to 88.5 kg (13 stone 13.11 pounds) a total loss of 7.5 kg and I'm over the moon. starting to feel the benefit already. still have a long way to go. I'm hoping to be down to ideal weight by August 2016 for a holiday abroad.

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Hi Carpo,

So glad you decided to join us. This is a great place for support and encouragement and we're all in the same boat.

You're doing fantastically well and all by yourself too. You'll probably do even better with your cheer squad now :)

I'm sure you'll reach your goal in time for your holiday and then you'll be able to buy that itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini :)

Enjoy your journey :)


Wow you should be proud of yourself I was happy this morning being halfway through with 8 pounds off and here you are with same amount of time but having achieved 7.5kg off!! Hats off to you and carry on!!


Hi carpo, how fantastic...great achievement and wonderful to hear you're feeling good...doesn't take long does it? Six weeks! So pleased for you. Enjoy the week ahead...Go you!


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