Pre-Holiday Weigh In

Morning all, I usually join Lowcal on the Monday morning weigh in but I'm going on holiday. To make sure I stayed commited this week I decided to weigh in this morning. Since Monday I've lost 1 lb, not a big loss I know but since joining the forum my weight loss has been steady 7.5 lb in 7 weeks. My initial goal was to lose 14 lb before my holiday in December so I'm half way there. Hope you all have a good week, I'm going to try to catch up with the posts whilst on holiday depending on the wifi. This weeks goal for me, try to maintain my loss over the next week. Good luck everyone.


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25 Replies

  • Good morning Mrsg3, great result well done. you'll easily make the Christmas deadline and I bet you feel good already. 🏄🏻Have a great holiday.

  • Thank you Gonti, I must admit to feeling ready for a holiday. I feel better for losing weight and the support from the forum has helped to keep me on track and determined to reach my goal by Christmas. Have a good week.

  • Hi Mrsg, enjoy your holiday...and I love your weekly goal...I might think of doing that!😄

  • Thank you Portlandprincess, I find giving myself a weekly goal helps to keep my mind focussed. The support from everyone here is amazing and has kept me on track for the past 7 weeks. Hope you have a good week

  • Well done mrsg - I agree with Gonti - that target by December is definitely achievable :-)

  • Thank you lucca10, I am so determined to reach my December target and have confidence that with the continued support of the forum I will achieve it. Wishing you the best of luck with achieving your goals.

  • Hi mrsg3, well done on losing 1 lb since Monday and may I add that is brilliant considering you have weighed in early. You should be very proud to have lost a pound in less than a week.

    Sounds like you are well on track for losing a total of 14 lbs by December. Hope you enjoy your holiday mrsg3 and keep up with all the good work.

    Trafford1 x

  • Thank you Trafford1, I had to weigh in early and post my weight to help me to stay focussed. I'm hoping to be active on holiday, golf, swimming and walking to help counteract the inevitable eating and drinking and hopefully will maintain my weight. Then straight back to plan to make sure that I achieve my December target. Have a good week.

  • I'm sure that with all those activities you have listed you will definitely be able to enjoy some inevitable eating and drinking and still maintain or even lose. I have a day off once a week and get a take away and enjoy a drink then get straight back to the plan so it can be done. I hope you really enjoy yourself mrsg3 :-)

  • Hi Mrsg3,

    Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week, that is brilliant! You've made such great progress, losing 7.5 pounds in 7 weeks. Fantastic! :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday, and will look forward to catching up with you when you get back.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Many thanks Lowcal, I can honestly say that without your Monday weigh ins and the support of the forum I wouldn't have got this far. I'm looking forward to a weeks holiday but determined not to undo my efforts so far. I'll be back for your weigh in on Monday 14th and hoping not to be posting a gain. Wishing you luck for achieving your 2 lb loss on Monday, have a good weekend.

  • Well done, great stuff! Imagine 1lb in visual terms. I'm going to think of half a pound as 1 pack of butter (250g) for my visual aid, as that's what it think of 2 packs of butter sitting on the table in front of you every time you lose a pound and you'll see how great that is!

  • Thank you weightwarrior for the image of losing a 2 packs of butter for each 1lb of weight lost. When I joined the form many people suggested making small achievable targets and I'm sure that this has kept me on track. Good luck with achieving your target weight.

  • Well done and have a fab holiday

  • Thank you Jo4950, I'm going to enjoy my holiday but hope to maintain my weight while I'm away. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

  • Thanks you too :)

  • Well done on your 1lb weight loss this week. Have a fantastic holiday ☺

  • Thank you nickynoo77, I was hoping to lose 2 lb but every 1 lb takes me nearer to my target of losing a stone by December. I'll enjoy my holiday but hope to maintain my loss so far. Good luck with reaching your goals.

  • Well done on your loss in less than a week! You sound so determined :) enjoy your holiday and that walking, swimming and golf!

  • Thank you nomorejunk, I'm going to enjoy my holiday but hope to maintain my weight loss for the week. Hopefully the golf etc will counteract the inevitable food and drink consumed. Have a good week.

  • I weighed myself this morning, as well. It's odd, I had my DEXCOM in my pants pocket at the time and I still weighed 122 lbs.! I went down a little, but I'm trying to aim for a few more by the time the holidays come this November and December. I'm hoping not to gain back any when I go for a visit to my family during December( they tend to want to over feed everyone).

  • Hi Activity2004, you have time to lose quite a few lb before November. The support from the forum is really motivating and has helped to keep me on track for the past 7 weeks. My initial target was to lose a stone by December and I'm just over half way to reaching my goal in 7 weeks. Keep with the plan, you can do it.


  • I hope your holiday is filled with long relaxing (and calorie burning) walks and activities :)

    Why not enjoy those endorphins on holidays !

  • Thanks Dave1961, some of the walks may be a tad frustrating trying to get a small white ball to go in to a little hole but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I'm going to try to keep in touch wifi signal permitting.

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