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Start Again!


I joined last October weighing 5lbs less than I do now. I'm aiming to lose 4 stone through Food Combining. Am planning 4 days at a time and incorporating any hazards like work events or nights out with friends etc. Made 4 days worth of fruit salad to eat with Total 0% Greek yogurt for breakfasts, brown rice and veg salad with home made hummus and salad for lunch ( v portable) then protein (chicken or fish ) with steamed or roast veg for supper. Last night (first night) I had a steak and some roasted med veg for supper and it was yum.

Biggest struggle will be going without cake and alcohol but will incorporate as a once a week treat once I've got going.

Other problem will be fitting in with the family meals but son and husband sound very supportive at the moment so hopefully we can combine my eating plan and their meals.

Excited to be doing something positive and would love to support and be supported by others on this forum.

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Hi again and welcome back. You can achieve anything you put your mind to and if you believe you can then that 4 stones you want to lose will happen. Your meal plan sounds great with lots of wonderful foods to choose from. I do enjoy wine once a week on my day off. I give myself a day off and have done since the beginning of my journey and I wouldn't change it for anything. This is a day I can go out for breakfast or have a take out as you don't want to restrict yourself to much. This can cause you to feel guilty when you have that little treat here and there, but remember you are only human and you should still enjoy your journey and give yourself a treat. Having that day off has got me to where I am today and to be honest I didn't think it was right to have a day off at first, but I think it has been to my benefit and has got me to where I am today 55 lbs lighter in 25 wks. You will find what works for you it's just a matter of finding it and if you do chose to have a day off and enjoy yourself as I do with the family then you may find that works for you guys too. I have 4 kids and hubby and it works for us.

I wish you every success in your new begging and have a great week ahead hun x

Trafford1 x

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Hi FiFiGirl54, You sound well organised and knowledgeable about what you need to do.

Alcohol was a problem for me too but I've found that a shot of vodka with low cal mixer does the trick; wine is so-so as it costs too many calories (that certainly takes the enjoyment out of it). However, if wine is your thing then Prosecco does the least damage - and it has bubbles!

Once you know the calorie content of most cake then it's easy to give up. Who wants to spend half their daily allowance on a few mouthfuls of over-sweet, looks better-than-it-tastes cake? (Keep telling yourself that and after a while it will be true).

Don't know what you think about dark chocolate but some of the 70% stuff tastes really good and you can have a square, feel satisfied and it's good for you!

Good luck on your journey! Remember broccoli is delish. I've done the 12 weeks and need to lose another 7 lbs but I'm in a good place right now and know you will be too. This is a good programme.


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