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Starting again, again!

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TomlieRestart April 2021

Lost my way big time. Have a fatty liver, high cholesterol, high glucose and high blood sugar! Tried a fasting diet but felt really ill. So back to calorie counting and walking more.

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Hello Tomlie and welcome back :)

There are other options as well as fasting and calorie counting. If you've had this diagnosis of fatty liver and high blood sugar for some time, you will know that it is caused by excess of sugars i.e. starchy carbohydrates in your diet. That gives you a great start in finding your way forward.

Your health is important and you can get this right so I suggest you start by spending 10 minutes watching this video on how to reverse fatty liver and the problems that go along with it

And this is a personal story that should encourage you

To help you get on track and stay there, get involved with forum activities, particularly a weekly weigh in and the Daily Diary. You'll find them all by following this link to Pinned Posts.

All the best


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TomlieRestart April 2021 in reply to BridgeGirl

That made so much sense. Thank you for your advice.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Tomlie

You're welcome :) Counting calories and just eating less of what you currently eat isn't going to do it, but changing what you eat could do it - and it's an enjoyable way of eating, once you make the leap :)

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Reving2st 7lbs

Today can always be a new start. Don’t look back look ahead😊

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SmileyPerson2021 April

Hi Tomlie,

It's so hard losing weight isn't it! I do sympathise. I'm about to try the very low calorie diet - I know you often feel awful to start with but I will try and tough it out if I can. I did it before and lost 3 stone some years ago. However, its probably the hardest thing Ive ever had to do and I dont know if I can do it again.

How is you new diet plan going? Are you getting some results now?

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PhilfranRestart Feb 2021

Hi, maybe try cutting down on sugar? It can’t hurt as sugar is bad for you anyway & it will automatically cut your calories (unless you replace it with lard!).Has your GP given any advice or just said to lose weight? Maybe ask to see a dietician/nutritionist?

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I hear you pal, no more cakes, chocolates, chips, pies, takeaways, junk food, fizzy drinks, alcohol or smoking. 10 fruit and veg a day! You can do your own homemade takeaways. There are some really nice grains out there like bulgar wheat and buckwheat which cook easily in a rice cooker. You have to put the days of convenience eating behind you! 🥗

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi Fatty_bum_bum and welcome to this amazing forum. I strongly suggest that you consider changing your user name to something with a little more self esteem. I also suggest you spend some time clicking about to find your way around. It's easier if you have a lap-top as there are several threads. If you’re using another device I strongly suggest that you use the web page as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around.

Have a good read of the pinned post “Welcome Newbies” and follow every thread.

Here’s the link to the pinned posts,

Here’s the link for the “Tour” of the forum. If you haven’t already taken it.

I strongly suggest you read and contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in.

You will find there's loads of tips about better eating, from other members. Sharing your daily menu not only helps you stay committed, it can help other members too.

Good luck I hope to "see " you around.

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dish70Restart January 2021

Hello there, I do t know what type of things you eat but have you thought about going for a vegetarian diet?? I have been for 20 years now. I think its a lot healthier although I still have a fight with the cheese and the odd cookie when I'm not watching my diet. The more fruit and veg you have the more nutrients you will get too so even if you only swapped a few days a week could be a help... Hope you can find a an that works for your health x

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to dish70

It is possible for vegetarians to follow a low carb, healthy fats approach (which is what Tomlie needs because of their conditions) but fruit would need to be managed because of the high sugar content. However, the cheese would be fine :) And veg plays a large part in LCHF.

Fruit and veg really aren't the same in their effects on the body and it's rather unfortunate that they tend to get lumped together.

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TomlieRestart April 2021 in reply to dish70

I only eat white meat. It's all the 'naughties' that have been my downfall. Have been looking at low carb which I think will suit me

Best way ,keep counting good luck

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