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hi, i cannot seem to lose weight, i always in the past have had to go to a diet club but after years of up and down yo yo ing i cannot face these people anymore, but i am getting bigger and bigger :( and more tired and more tired :( i dont feel i can do this on my own ever, i am currently depressed and find it difficult, if someone upsets me then i eat, any advice pls x


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  • Sorry to hear youve struggled so much. I used to eat to cover up emotions and yoyoed for years. Last year i went to talking therapies was scared at first but really helped me see things in a new light. I dont suggest a diet, i suggest making healthy changes that you can keep going long run, like drinking water (plain or sparkling) instead of soda, cous cous instead of pasta or rice, smaller portions etc.... so many little things you can change to help you towards the life and weight you want. Also exercise is key, i was horrified by the idea of a gym so do most of my exercise at home, steps up, weights, wii fit games, xbox kinnect games, cross trainer etc anything to get me more active really. If i were you i would work out a plan, the nhs 12 week plan is very useful for getting started, and so many apps out there that you can track your exercise and calories on. Break your weight down into smaller goals, when i started i had 9st to lose seemed impossible so i broke it down into smaller goals of 1st at a time, makes it more manageable im now 3 st down so it is more than possible. It can be hard work but so worth it. This site is great for support and motivation as everyone here understands the struggles. Believe in yourself i know thats probably hard right now but you can do it. Make a plan, and do it, stay wrong and believe in yourself!! Good luck and all the best

  • thank you, all that you have said makes sense. I have been to the dr about my depressions and ive got given different tablets this week as my others i was on for years i felt had gone stale, i need to feel better about myself so i can focus on losing weight. i cant face the gym, im tired all the time and down, i dont want to go out because i feel big, you d think that would motivate me to lose weight but it doesnt,,, i lost 4 stone about 4 years ago and now its gone back on,,, 4 years ago i was in a better place in my head but now it seems impossible.

    thanks again x

  • Start at home with something simple like walking on the spot while watching tv, extra activity will get you started. Little steps at a time.

  • I'm nearing my target now - but I still need to keep going for a little longer so I'm sticking to my tried and trusted strategy! Porridge (30g jumbo oats with 100 ml water microwaved for 1 min) with 2 tsp honey, for breakfast - keeps me full till lunch! Then 250/300 mls soup - either homemade (1 litre veg or chicken stock - 2 stock cubes - packed with all the vegetables you like - with some salt and black pepper = 4 portions) or half a tub of those supermarket soups (300 mls) for lunch and dinner! Go for those less than 50 cals per 100 grams. Different flavours of soup if you like! And for dinner I usually add 50 grams of pasta shapes or rice or 100 grams of new potatoes. That way I have some calories left over for a glass or 2 of wine! I try to get to the gym 3 morning a week for 40 mins gym and 10 min swim. This forum is great - for support and laughs without having to speak to people face to face! Hope whatever strategy you choose works for you! I hope you can read this too Mrstessyman then I won't need to type it again!

  • Perfect :D

  • I can totally relate to you. I am in the same position. I can start the day off determined and end up eating even more than I do normally! What can we do to help each other? I'm at the end of my tether and feel like giving up on everything

  • its a vicious circle isnt it? i lost 4 stone a few years ago, felt great but i was in a better place then, now i just want to eat but when ive eaten i feel awful, i never had this problem before i had my son though, and thats around the same time i got depressed i think,,, help help help lol,,, if people upset me i eat, if im happy i eat, if im sad i eat, if im tired haha,, actually it isnt funny really ..

  • Write down everything you eat for a week, including milk, sugar, Mayo, butter or oil for cooking, spices, ...... everything down to the last detail. You will be surprised. Then go on a calory counting diet that will teach you how to change you habits to good healthy eating habits. Give it a go

  • Hi,

    This is working for me. I am still not doing extra exercises like gym. But monitoring & planning my diet. First 4 weeks, most of the evenings I ended stuffing more biscuits, chocolates or burgers. Still I recorded these in myfitness app. 5th week I was able to follow planned diet to most extent & now improving every day. when I see a chocolate, I compare if fruit is more fulfilling than that. 6th week I lost .7 Kilo. 7th week lost .5kilo. I am still following my planned diet & already feel I can do it - matter of time &persistence. I will restart again if I break my planned diet. Hope i can follow my diet when i do exercises. Previously while exercing (even little) i used to overeat(especially chocolates & fried items) without thinking about type of food.

    I think it is important not to crave or starve - if so need to fulfill it with healthy balanced alternatives - else I sure over eat.

  • Loved your comment about comparing with fruit. Don't know if you eat a sweet dessert after dinner but if you do try eating it BEFORE main course!

  • Try not to think of it as a diet, call it a healthy living plan for life. :D

  • Hi Sammi41,

    Two things it doesn't taste great but really works, have a big bowl of porridge made with only water with no sugar when you get up with the morning that should keep your metabolism going.

    The other thing is get a phone app like Noom and log everything you eat or drink just to give you a yard stick as to how many calories you are intaking, and by the way Porridge with Water can keep you below your weight loss 1400 calorific intake even if you have a fry up in the afternoon, but that isn't the greatest :D.

    Be good to yourself and don't be too hard on yourself as that will make you worse be analytical in your approach to loosing the weight as ifyou were saving for a holiday :D

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