Couch to 5k??

Hey all,

I always liked the idea of running even though i dont run, i want to start the couch to 5k but im so paranoid about what other people will think or how ill look. Ive lost almost 3st now so i really want to give it a go just not sure how to get my butt out of the door so to speak. I dont do mornings at all so thats out of the question, i was thinking along the river near me as its getting nice would be a lovely setting. What do you do about phone, keys, wallet etc?? I have headphones but no jackets with zip up pockets so fear dropping my phone. I can hear you all now "stop the excuses" ive done well to lose weight but apart from walking ive done all my exercise in my flat. Guess ill just have to bite the bullet and do it? Any advice from people that have done it would be great :-)


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16 Replies

  • C25k is amazing, I graduated in March last year and it has taught me to LOVE running (I am currently on the injury couch after badly tearing my ankle ligaments on Jan 3rd)

    I have a small running belt, a bit like a bum bag, to put keys etc in. I even went for a rehabilitation walk today and listened to the podcast for company!!! DO IT, it's brilliant ;)

  • Thanks for the reply. Ouchie that sounds painful hope you get better soon. High praise i think i will set a plan and go for it :-)

  • It's an awesome program, really it is. You need though to have a little faith in it and follow it carefully, do that and you'll be officially a runner at the end of the 9 weeks. No other runner will looking disapprovingly at you, so anyone likely to stare will not be a runner and are therefore inferior to you, so Sod them :)

    As for your phone and keys, you can normally pick up very cheap (couple of quid) arm band holders for most of the popular brands of phones and they work quite well.

    Find somewhere you are comfortable running and more importantly you are safe.

    Good Luck.

  • Lol your post made me smile thank you. The river is lovely and a lot of people run it, and its quiet so for first time will feel better. Ill invest in something :-)

  • I did c25k last year and graduated in October. It is brilliant and don't worry about what other people think, it has been pointed out on the c25k forum that do you notice runners when you are out and about, and if you do, do you notice their weight or how they look? I got a cheap armband holder for my phone from ebay before starting, but now have a running belt (a bit like a bum bag) which holds all I need. Look in sports direct for cheap and cheerful ones. Get out there and discover how much fun running can be, though be warned, it can be addictive!

  • I always think how relaxed most runners look and wish i could do it so ok i get your point lol. Ok youve all inspired me i will make a plan and get Going in next few days. Off to sports direct thursday :-) off work all weekend too so ideal time to give it a go

  • Brilliant idea...... dont worry about what others think.... I started last saturday... doing the town park run.... 5k.... it took me 47 minutes....I came in 3rd from last.....but proud of myself for doing it... and when I was struggling at the end of it... my daughter came and ran the last bit with me..... and the other runners event the kids shouted me on.... I felt like a winner... though 3 days later my legs feel like some one ran over me with a steam roller xx

  • Thats nice to read thank you for sharing. I think its the aching afterwards that puts me off but sounds rewarding so will give it go :-)

  • Great stuff! You can reduce the 'alarm reaction' by reducing the intensity of the stressor, or in other words don't run as fast or as far (at least until you get more used to it).

  • Thank you ill bear it in mind

  • Hi, I like your idea of not running to fast or too far to start with. I tried the Couch to 5k and did almost half a minute, before I could not do any more. Ridiculous I thought, that is the end. Have posted several posts and have had lots of support and advice, now I am doing about 1k per day at a slow shuffle run thing, much like those walking racing people do. But it works, it is not running, but a very fast half walk half run and I go full tilt (for me) half the way, then ease off a little and then get back into it. This way I can doing about 2klms in 30- 45 minutes. However the main thing is it is working for losing weight, my size has gone down, still a long way to go, but still going down. My legs are getting stronger and my knees are Ok if I am careful. So very happy with the progress so far, but I did try to do too much to start with and nearly never got to the stage I am at.

    So easy, slow and thinking about, knees, hips, and back has helped me get going. Like I say still a long way to go but after reading Catch's post and seeing her photo's have given myself all year to do this. Go down from size 20 expanding, to 12/14.

    So I support what you are saying here, take time to learn how, and gradually increase when your body is ready. Mind you I still watch those real runners with envy.

  • Very good advice thank you ill keep that in mind

  • let me tell you that everyone that i know thinks it inspirational when someone bites the bullet and starts to exercise. dont be self conscious - you will meet and see lots of shapes and sizes when you go out so just go for it!!! .

  • Thank you ill remember that

  • The plan works so well! At the start of January running was my nemesis and I hated it and point blank would not run anywhere! Now I can run 5k in 33 minutes :) I used to dread what people would think of me running (with all the wobbly bits wobbling around and my face goes like a beetroot when I run) but I download a good music sound track and just got out there. Now I look forward to going running!

    I would 100% recommend you giving it a go-good luck! Let us know how you're getting on x

  • Thank you. Really helped to read your post. I will give it a go. Good excuse to upgrade the music on my phone lol. You for you doing so well :-) hopefully ill learn to love it too

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