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Working on Couch to 5k (weather permitting!) and Active 10

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ArgyllGirlHealthy BMI

Been busy trying to up the exercise. Trouble is I dont like getting soaked when I go for walks, and I live in a very wet part of the world. However yesterday was a beautiful day, so managed 2 decent walks - over 4 km each, a total of about 9km including a hill! So I am feeling virtuous and motivated today to try again (but forecast is for heavy rain!). Also broke my personal best for speed in completing 1km yesterday (according to the app on my phone) and clocked up over 13,000 steps on the two walks.

In addition to the Samsung Health app (which trcks steps, time active, and distance using maps) I have also loaded the Active 10 app (from NHS England) on my phone so I can keep track of 'brisk walking minutes'. My sister has this app too so it may develop into a bit of a competition ! Trouble is that climbing hills is slow, so despite being the most tiring bit the bloomin' app doesn't count hill climbing minutes as 'brisk activity'. So unfair. I make up for it on the downhill bits though and have even been known to run part of the way (but not on the uphill bits!)

At least I am blessed with beatiful countryside right outside my door, so lots of nice places to walk.

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I ended up removing the active 10 as it used up all my battery! Love Argyll spent 2 weeks up in dunoon in August and loved being able to get out and explore. Hope you can get out today.

looks lovely and im sooo jealous of all your activity and having such a wonderful place to walk/run... ive downloaded the active10 in preperation on being active again soon x

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I don't like walking in the rain either so sometimes I go to shopping centre but perhaps there is not one in your beautiful part of the world.

My fit bit gives credit for climbing hills and stairs

Best wishes

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ArgyllGirlHealthy BMI in reply to pcrw

Have ordered a Garmin Vivofit that I am waiting for, which hopefully will give me credit for hills. The Samsung Health app does record altitude as well as distance so at least that's something.

No shopping centres near here I'm afraid - nearest one is over an hour away ! Cant have everything, I suppose :)

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pcrwMaintainer in reply to ArgyllGirl

They say dew and rain are great for the complexion

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ArgyllGirlHealthy BMI in reply to pcrw

I should have a fabulous complexion then :)

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Well done ArgyllGirl, some good points. The uphill bits are better in some respects because working against gravity will soon put you into a zone that is intense enough to stimulate a training effect without the risks of momentum from running or brisk walking downhill that amplifies the forces involved.

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Fran182716Restart August 2020

The area you live in does look beautiful! I'm not downloading that active 10 app as I'm still walking slowly - if I try to speed up I get painful back spasms but if I keep going slowly and steadily I can walk for an hour now. I'm purposely trying to do hills as this works my legs/bottom muscles and burns a few more calories whilst still going slow! I would love your countryside to walk in (but maybe not the rain!)

The picture looks beautiful.. I hope you get a window of dry to get out today... ☔️🌞⛅️🌤

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Just signed up - just completed my active 10 for the day - I find that's more likely to register my walking than the Samsung health app. According to Samsung I did 34 minutes walking total today, active 10 says 58 brisk minutes and my watch says 1 hour 15 mins. Hmmm

I love Argyle - especially Aenach Eagach (spelling??)

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