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Need to loose weight but need help

I am 26 years of age and weigh at least 16 stone maybe more I am desperate to loose weight as I have problems with my breathing and I have kids to think about and really don't want it to be the reason why I'm not there for them I have tryed to diet over and over again with no success as I think I have a real problem with food as I wake and the first thing I think of is food till the moment I go to sleep I have tryed to tell my love ones that I need help with food that I think I'm addicted to food but they just think I being silly am I just being silly or is this goin to end up killing me

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You seem addicted! I wake and instantly crave food when I wake and coffee, I have a piece of fruit............then breakfast a bit later!

A plan to incorporate these things is needed, cravings are one thing, hunger is another, do you know the difference, a craving normal goes after 20 mins.

Join a group, slimming world or whatever I do feel you need support, you get so much, never felt the need for you, If i did online seems the best option for me.

For now focus on planning your day, how to be distracted other an food, and work how the meals /snacks will fit, if you can get plenty of herbal teas/ low cal stuff to drink (pref no sugar, the hot choc things are crap too), I use yellow marigold stock powder ( independent health shops) marked vegan, helps for evening hunger pangs!

I do find a few nuts is good too , 10 almonds is 69 cals.

Take care and good luck xx


Maybe start by logging food, preferrably semi-publicly (like a pact with your sister/mum/husband/friend...). I found that just the thought of having to tell someone that I had 3 servings of that cake made me think it over and have just the one... and perhaps one more a bit later :) (But hey, that's already one cake less than normally!)


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