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A lot to loose

Hi to everyone .

I have done slimming world and it doesn't work for me .....I have about 8 stone to lose to get back to were I used to be

( generally put on through my very enjoyable twenties - drink and takeaways )

I look in the mirror and I now don't feel like me anymore , hate clothes shopping as always feel fat ......anyone else any tips and advice ?

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Hi I have about 9st to lose so understand how overwhelming it can seem to start. The first thing I did was break it down into smaller goals. I started with the first stone and so on. It made it seem alot easier. Then I created a plan and stuck to it.

I found the easiest way to lose weight was to count calories and to start doing some exercise, I am six weeks in and have lost 1st 8lbs so I assure you it can be done.

it will be hard, and you have to remind yourself everyday why you are doing this, but it is possible. I eat between 1200-1400cals a day.

find what works for you, everyone is different but you will find your stride and get there :-)

Good luck and all the best. Here if you need it :-)

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I'm sure if you believe in yourself you'll be Able to get through it, I never stick to diets I also hate myself in the mirror and shopping , but I have joined this community and found it helps, whenever I want to binge I log on and read some comments and what people are going through

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