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Day 1, Week 1! Any advice/tips?

Hello everyone!

I'm just a beginner to this weight loss journey.

I was weighed today at my GP and found to be 154 pounds, making me slightly overweight. I've always been quite slim but unfortunately university life has taken its toll! I hope to be 130 pounds around mid-January, working out as a weight loss of roughly 2 pounds per week. This would take my BMI down from 25.1 to 20.1.

Does anyone have any advice/tips?

Thanks everyone and good luck with everything!

Sophie xx

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Hi, Sophie, plan your meals, and snacks, I divide my day into 5 bits, 3 meals and 2 snacks, 2lb loss is normally excessive, 1 lb is more normal.

Depends on what exercise too, good luck.


Hello,I'm just on my 2nd week,and calorie counting,with an obsession.the first week I lost 2kelograms,my battery in my scales are not working and I am not going to replace them an wait till I see the nurse which is January.so its just a case of getting on with it.I keep a pocket note pad and a pocket size Cal's & carbs book that I got from waterstones ,this is never that far away from me.literaly everything that goes in my mouth goes down in my book,even the choccy from thorn tons that you get with a cuppa.yoghart everything.it seems to be working and educating me to food along the way,hope you find this helpful x


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