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Joining this group is my first positive action after facing up that denial and wishful thinking is not going to shift the 4 stone that I need to be a healthy weight. I have been getting I increasingly depressed, my energy levels are terrible and my first and frightening gallstone attack last week really was a wake upcall to take some action. I dont have many people around me who understand how I am feeling so I am hoping to meet and reachout to others who are sharing a similar journey. Today I weighed in at 13stone 8lbs and I hope that publically declaring my weight will keep me accountable to making good changes in my life. So hello everyone!

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Hello, I'm a newbie too, just signed up. I've also got around 4st to lose, last time I weighed in I was 13st 10. Will weigh for official starting point in the morning but hopefully it won't have gone up. I've got various health problems, I really need to shift some bulk! Do you have a plan in place?


Hi IAM new to this as well although I have done lots of diet I fine that now IAM doining couch to 5 k which I though I would never do it makes me stronger to stick to a diet I have lost 4 pounds this week just by running and eating smaller portions


Hi, and congratulations on your decision to declare your weight and face your health issues.

I am starting Monday on my Week 1 (second time; this time for real).

I also don't have any support with my weight loss efforts, but at least we have this group. We can do it!


well done for making that decision. Doing the same thing 5 weeks ago has made such a difference to my life already. I have three stone to lose, although have set myself a two stone goal for the 12 weeks. Having shed the first stone I feel so much better already. The key to my success has been planning meals/food ahead and also telling everybody what I'm doing - that has really helped me to stick to it. Good luck - you can do it!


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