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new on here

Have just joined. It is my 40th birthday on tuesday and I don't like where I am!!! Need to lose about 6 stone. I have been on weight watchers and slimming world, plus others. Need to make a change. I am thinking of rejoining slimming world in september as this seems to be the only one I have lost weight on in the past. (but always put it on again!!) Have things coming up over the next 6 weeks plus holiday so don't feel I can attend enough over the summer to make it work. Feel like I need to do something now rather than waiting.

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Hi there,

I'm 35 and have 98lbs to lose. Pretty miserable really. I've tried slimming world too in past but to no real success. I think learning to eat smaller portions and know what you are eating is much more healthy than these diet systems that work by more or less totally cutting out fats/sugars or when you stop doing them seem to pile it all back on.

My aim is to eat less and move more.

Good luck!


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I'm 29 and still have 100lbs to lose. I tried WW and lost weight while I was doing it but it didn't teach me anything as I piled the weight back on again, and then some! Having said that some people on here have lost weight doing WW or SW and have kept it off. Try calorie counting, I joined MyFitnessPal and stick to my calorie limit each day and do some exercise and the weight is coming off, slowly but steady. I feel much better having just lost the first 24lbs, I now enjoy exercise, never thought i'd say that! :)

Good luck, there is no reason to not start right now, you've made a good start just by finding this forum :)

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nearly two stone , well done!


I think you need to research portions, I bought cook yourself slim books from Amazon great stuff, based around 1500 cals a day!

Nice fun recipes, that don't have that weight watchers, or slimming world touch!! Found some lovely recipes, including a great cake, yummy.

Try to stick to things as cleanly as possible allow a few portion sized treats, do a food diary at the end of each day, drink black tea , black coffee, lots of water and herbal tea.

Relax, enjoy your journey and try to remember food is fuel no more at times!



The advantages of following this advice and the 12 week plan are that it teaches you portion control and how to work out exactly what you are eating.

This is a way of life & not a diet. My advice is to plan all your meals, use smaller plates, don't get too hungry and portion control.

c25k is also brilliant exercise. If you think you can't run read some of the posts on the forum.

Another big advantage is that unlike WW etc it is free.

Good luck with your journey.


Whatever you do it has to be a plan for the long term, if you want to join us for the Monday weigh in you are more than welcome. Start today you can set a goal, it might just be not to gain. You may be able to make one or two changes, exercise more and start counting your calories, my fitness pal is good for that. Then work out how you can start to cut down on calories, remember slow and steady wins the race....


I have tried sw too, only club where I put weight ON! Just goes to show it isn't for everyone! I think looking at your portion control is a good start, and up your intake of fruit and veg, small start but am sure will help. Good luck!!


I too am new on here but I'm eating the snacks including : ice cream , sweets and a lack of motivation for both diet and gym !HELP!!


You need to get your head in the right place, until you want to do it for you it probably won't work. I managed to do this by seeing it a lifestyle change rather than a diet which tend to be fads for me. I also have snacks, I have a chinese every week, chocolate most days and am never hungry. I'm just more aware of what I eat. I also introduced exercise slowly. I can't go to a gym, i just refuse to pay for something which would make me self-conscious. I started by walking for about a mile, just at weekends. Explore the area around you, you don't have to set off on a marathon. I gradually increased the exercise and now I actually enjoy a 6 mile walk. I make it a circular walk as I find it easier to set off from home rather than having to travel to the start on travel back from the end. That way I always know how far i've got left to go.

My advice would be make small changes, just one at a time if that helps. Maybe tackle the diet first then introduce the exercise. If you have a bad day, that doesn't mean the end of the change, it's just a blip, nothing to get upset about :)


Good luck! Personally if I put off anything I don't do it. I joined a gym and walking into the gym was horrendous but I just kept my head down and now I enjoy it. I have since started going to zumba and body combat. I am one of the larger girls there so I stand at the back, everyone is so friendly there and I feel like I have a proper workout but I felt like I needed to do something other than look at my food. I was struggling walking to the end of the road. Maybe start with little walks or even stretches in your lounge?


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