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Cereal Killers: The Movie

You can watch Cereal Killers the movie for free until July 4th at articles.mercola.com/sites/... which is documentary that follows Donal O'Neill as he switches to a Low Carb High Fat diet and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

It's well worth watching if you've got the time, if just to expand your knowledge on the subject if nothing else.

I've personally been doing HIIT based program for the past 3 weeks, switching from my daily slog of around 12km plus an hour of cardio I used to do, and so far I am loving the results!

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Thanks Ols Bean. It's a very interesting watch. I can't quite match the exercising but my own version of HIIT seems to be ok.

Channel 4 (UK) have a program on tonight looking at traditional food from different countries, which hopefully will also be of interest to anyone wanting to find out about healthy ways of eating.


I can't quite match his level of exertion either lol, he's a really fit chap!

I've been following LCHF diet since January and although I've had some hiccups in the beginning I've stuck to it and it's really working out well for me. Before I was using exercise to maintain my weight loss, I now know that was not the right approach as it all but killed my metabolism, this approach I find myself much much more and my weight is completely steady for the first time I can remember in my lifetime, including childhood!

I'm set the program this evening to record.

Best Wishes



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