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Just a quick note to say Hi to everyone here.

The reasons for me joining this site are basically, I was 130kg in December 2012 and really needed to do something about it but found it difficult as most people do, I was then diagnosed with head and neck cancer and started Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in January 2013, during the treatment I went down to 90kg, which was a great step in the right direction and the only positive I can see from having cancer.

Anyway im now in remission and having learnt how to eat again after the radiotherapy im up to 107kg, I need to get down to about 80kg as im big boned anyway that's my target. Tony.

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I'm pleased to hear that you are in remission at the moment. I think it would be wise to concentrate on eating the most nutritious good quality food you can get. Try to avoid food with added sugars, and highly processed or refined foods. Hopefully this should help you lose weight.

Perhaps have a protein breakfast rather than cereal, if you have toast make it something like whole grain bread. Eat as many different vegetables as you can, so that you get a good range of vitamins.

My husband had successful treatment for prostate cancer last year. The NHS does a great job. I hope you will continue to keep well.


That's great news about your Husbands treatment and yes the Christie and McMillan where fantastic. I'm still not able to eat everything but at least it's not through a tube anymore. With regards to the diet I was thinking about slim fast shakes for brekkie and lunch and a piece of grilled chicken and something for dinner, I'm not sure about the snacks in between but I'm ok with bananas and other soft fruits, I have also joined a gym this week, any help and advice would be fab, thanks, Tony


Sorry, I forgot about having to re-introduce foods gradually. My husband had to have a low fibre diet, so had to re-introduce vegetables slowly.

I'm not a big fan of slim fasts shakes, I'm not sure that they can give you the nutrients you need in the way that real food can, and they tend to have too much sugar in. Could you have a full fat yoghurt or eggs for one meal? We made a lot of old fashioned soups, like chicken soup and mashed the veg very well, so that the fibre was broken down.

I wonder if protein shakes would be a possibility for you, as they would help repair your body? Has your consultant given you any advice on what to eat?

Enjoy the gym, but make sure you don't overdo things.


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