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Newbie and nervous

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Hi all,

I haven't weighed myself yet but will when I get up for work.

I have been trying to lose weight for years!! I've done all the club's WE, slimming world, rosemary, even the hairy bikers to no avail.

I turned 55 a couple of weeks ago and decided I need to get a grip and sort myself out.

So far I have meal prep 4 lunches for this week and decided on banana for breakfast, as I'm not a breakfast fan , and only started eating it over the last week.

I'm on a 7.30 - 16.00 all this week and a 8-8 Saturday.

I also want to do the C25K W1D1 tomorrow and this is were my nerves come in, I have copd, I am worried about my breathing and I'm also worried about running in public although I have read on the C25K forum that this is probably normal.

I hope you all don't mind me joining your group. Will post my weight in the morning

I'm looking forward to reading other members posts and Would love to know how you stay away from chocolate, I reward myself with some everyday and can always find a reason to enjoy some.

See you in the morning, have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.

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Loosing weight is super hard even when you are doing a lot of exercise! Last week I ran about 20 miles and cycles over 100 miles to work and back yet lost no weight 🙈 my problem is I snack to much and need to get a hold on what meals I eat. Last time I lost a load of weight I used an app called my fitness pal and added all the food I ate everyday. I could then work out how much calorie deficit I had each day and that made me loose loads of weight. As for worrying about running just go out very early or late at night, that’s what I do. Had a lovely run down a local canal yesterday and didn’t see a soul at 7am. Take it steady and go at your own pace, if your out of breath your going to hard so slow right down. There’s some Japanese style of running you can do look it up on YouTube and you’ll find it. It’s a super slow way of running but may help if your struggling.

Good luck 🤞

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Downhillcol

Hi and welcome, Downhillcol :)

I hope you'll follow the links that I've given Pinkmischief and will also become an active member of our community.

Onwards and downwards! :)

Thank you so much for your reply Downhillcol. I walked to the station this morning at 6.30 this morning and I was the only person arond, of course, I had forgotten it was a Bank Holiday.

I have had a look at Youtube and will try it but after my walk this morning I know I have to biuld that up before I can run.

Take Care

Great stuff, walking is a nice low impact way of building your body up. And just getting out in the fresh air is great for the mind. If you have a bike go on some rides to increase your fitness and help loose a bit of weight. When I ran before I was quite overweight and it had an adverse effect on my legs. I ended up not being able to run again for well over a year due to stress fractures. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. I still started off way to fast this time as well 🙈 I filmed all my runs so far for YT just to see any progress and even in just over two weeks I’ve noticed a difference. I’ve slowed right down and took onboard all the info that’s available on here and online. It can be very overwhelming at first with all the info, just listen to your body and go at your own pace. The app is just a guide to build yourself up, don’t ruin your legs keeping up with the run times if you can’t, just walk at a brisk pace 👍 hydration is key and I always get it wrong. So make sure to drink plenty of water.

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Hi and welcome, Pinkmischief :)

Let me assure you that it's not essential to eat breakfast , in fact studies have shown that the fewer times we eat a day, the better. I used to eat breakfast when I was dieting, but now only eat it if I'm hungry, which is rarely.

As you have been a serial dieter and most of your dieting styles have been similar, you may wish to look at an alternative method of eating. Have a look at these:

You'll see from the second link that although exercise has many health benefits, you can't outrun a poor diet. My advice would be to build up your tolerance to exercise gradually with walking and strength exercises, rather than starting with running.

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and we hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

Good morning Moreless,

I will have a good look around the site after work today. I walked to the station this morning and you are right I need to build up my walking before I can run.

I weighed myself this morning and even got a collegue to weigh me as well when I got into work as I could not believe the scales.

Would love to get involved with challenges etc. as I know I will need to stay motivated

Take care

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Pinkmischief

A journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step and you're off to a good start :)

See you on today's weigh-in :)

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Hello Pinkmischief,

...and Welcome! I too have tried many diets and many clubs over many years. I have had some success from most but eventually the weight went back on. Up, down, up again - I have been a UK size 12! Last year I had reached size 20 and was clinically obese; my GP gave me the usual warnings.

With the support of this forum I have reached a happy size 14 (just!). You can do it too! I’m still ‘overweight’ but no longer obese.

I too have health issues that have got in the way of a healthy weight. I have used many excuses and I am a chocoholic. It is very hard to lose weight alone but by choosing a weigh-in day and sticking to it I have lost over 2 stone.

I like this forum more than the two best known slimming clubs. I don’t use all the help available but it’s there if you need it. I’d say, “Dive in an get involved”.

Please don’t try to do too much too soon though. You probably know that slow and steady is best anyway.

My weigh-in days are Tuesdays - the ‘Tuesday Trimmers’ - but you have to choose your best day for yourself.

Good Luck Pinkmischief, may you enjoy your journey to a healthier life.

Iris 🍀

Good morning Iris,

Thank you for such a warm welcome. Well done to getting down to a size 14, I do agree with you that slow and steady will win my race, as well as not buying chocolate every day after work.

I am currently a tight 18, should probably be a 20 but am refusing to buy new clothes. would love to be back at a size 12/14, haven't been there for over 20 years.

I managed to walk to the station this morning and I have put my Fitfit back on my wrist, rather than in a draw. I have set my target this week at 8000 steps and will build up from there.

I can't decide which day to choose for my weigh in but I'm leaning towards Monday, just to get it out the way at the beginning of the week and I think it will give me a bit of motivation to carry on through the week.

Take care

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IrisismeMaintainer in reply to Pinkmischief

Sounds like a good start 😁

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A lot of People on here have been down the club route and found they do not work and then found their way here. You will get lots of support here and best of all it is free.

I have replied to your exercise post but see that you already started walking using your Fitbit. That's a great start.

As you have planned some meals why not lost them on the daily diary. You will get suggestions for any changes that might help and lots of meal ideas. Joining a weigh in is a great idea as you will get to know people and chat whether things are going well or not. You might prefer a weekend if you are working as it's good to have a bit of time to spend to reply to others. But you can join any day that suits you.

Oh and you have answered your own question about buying chocolate 😀. If you need a snack after work can you take a prepared healthy snack with you?. Then you will be able to stay away from the shops.

You sound like you are very motivated so good luck

Hi Gizmocat,

Great tip about the snack after work, do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

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GizmocatModerator in reply to Pinkmischief

I don't know what plan you are following. If you are calorie counting you can take something you can incorporate into your calorie range depending on your other meals. You could allow a bit extra for your main meal and keep the extra for after work.

If you are interested in LCHF I would suggest something like FF Greek yogurt and berries or a piece of cheese. A hard boiled egg. A small salad would be great whatever plan you follow. Avoid anything low fat as healthy fats are more filling.

The daily diary will give you some ideas. If you can plan some healthy meals including healthy fats and lower carbs you might find you are less hungry and might not need a snack.

If you are interested in LCHF (lower carbs and healthy fats) you might find the DietDoctor website helpful. It's not for everyone but a lot of us find it does work😀.

Hi Gizmocat,

I have to confess, I haven't thought about a plan, however, the low carb, health fats sounds a bit like what I am doing, so will definitely look at the DietDoctor.

Thank you so much.

I am struggling at the moment to exercise after a cycling fall and my weight is creeping back on so I know exactly how you feel. Movement and exercise makes a big difference about how you feel. It is your diet which will have the biggest impact however. I have tried to cut out as many carbs as I can and this has really helped me..

Good luck

Hi PedallingMinstrel,

Thank you for your response. I have decided to cut out most carbs this week, except those found in fruit and veg.



Hi Pinkmischief. Welcome to the forum. You'll find it useful here with lots of kindness, support and understanding.

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Dave10001 stone

Good morning Pinkmischief and welcome to hate you which I truly hope and believe will help you, as your position is now different to so many people myself included have joined before. Most of us have tried and failed over great many years touch diets you mention previously. I hope you find as quickly as possible starve eating at best suits you but there will be loads of people who are more than able to help and invite you along the way. Similarly with your exercise plans C 20 5K is excellent as it’s a start, and allows you to exercise at your pace. Undoubtedly it will be Super achievement for you to complete and will be a huge boost when you do so. As you have COPD it would of course make sense for you to check in the exercise with your doctor before commencing but if you can currently walk distances when you have a place to start. As a past asthmatic and somebody has always suffered breathing, particularly in cold here, you know that exercise in the long run helps your condition.

On the chocolate front, try to limit myself on occasional days to a few cubes of 80% cocoa chocolate and that satisfies me, but can’t honestly say I was a chocoholic, but I am now🤪

It’s great to have you here with us and we look forward to sharing your success and being there for you if needed. Good luck and standing by 🤗

Good morning Dave1000,

Thank you for such a supportive welcome. My doctor has agreed the excercise, I started yesterday with walking for 30 minutes and will build from there, I think I will do slow but steady. I have decided to walk to my tube station in the morning which is about a 10 minute walk and walk home from the station,

As for plan I'm following I think it will be low carb as I don't really eat much bread, rice or pasta. My downfall is definitely chocolate, although I don''t like the 80%+ much.

Thanks again

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Dave10001 stone

You are absolutely welcome Pinkmischief. Your easy start of 10 minutes walk to the station makes so much sense, It wont be long before you are extending the route further and further and don't forget, skin is waterproof and a good coat and a good umbrellas removes the opportunity for excuses 😂Low carb sounds great for you with that in mind. I had to learn where to hidden carbs were, but things like the MFP free app on your phone definitely help as does label reading. LCHF will also change your taste over a very short space of time, and sugar will seem less and less appealing. You might find that your tastes evolve but if not moderation rather than abstinence and if its the difference between success or failure, its up to you to make a choice.

Speak soon I hope.

Hi Dave1000,

Hope you are well this morning. In the hopes of not sounding stupid is MFP, My Fitness Pal? Sorry I had to google and I'm hoping this is the right one!!!

I have to confess when I left work yesterday it was snowing, so I didn't do my walk but I am definitely going to do my walk home today, I woke up a bit late this morning so got the bus to the tube so I wasn't late for work. In serious need of getting my act together!!!

Hope your day starts better then mine!

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Dave10001 stone in reply to Pinkmischief

Hi Pinkmischief, sincere apologies as I have been working all day today. Sorry again yes you are correct with MFP MyFitnessPal. They have quite a good free download facilities. Not to worry about what you have been unable to do, the only important this is what you can. Getting into it regularly makes it easier to commit. Good luck tomorrow.

Hi Dave1000

Don't tell but I am currently managing to reply whilst at work.

I managed my walk yesterday and going to have a look at a route from work to the next station. Starting to feel more motivated when i see mt Fitbit hit my target.

Have a lovely day at work

Take care

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Dave10001 stone

There you go Pinkmischief achieve progress and it’s great not been a few days 👍. I promise not to tell😂

I just wanted to say you sound a bit like me! I'm in a similar situation. Although I am impressed with the C25K. I would love to do this but don't think I can as I've just had spinal surgery. However, I do jog on the running machine at home for short periods, so maybe in the future. But well done to you for getting up and doing it. How did your first run go? I can understand you being nervous about running in public. I would be too.

As to staying away from chocolate... Hmm ... First I would say don't buy it or have it in the house. Second, if you do get a craving, those low calorie hot chocolate drinks are a good option as they are only 40 calories per cup. If you are doing Slimming World you can eat Mullerlight yoghurts and I think there is a chocolate one? I find that if I have a taste of chocolate, I can't stop, so it's best not to get started! Another option is Waitrose frozen chocolate yoghurt which is only 70 calories a scoop.

I've got a sweet tooth so Im planning to start the very low calorie diet maybe next week. I've done it before, and lost 3 stone. They have chocolate milkshakes and bars,, so I always comfort myself it is possible to lose weight by drinking chocolate milkshakes!

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