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Under active thyroid blues!!!

I've had an ender active thyroid for the past 7yrs and really struggle to lose weight, I've been on a diet constantly but in the last 3wks I've put on half a stone!!!!! Had a blood test and my thyroid isn't working properly so I've had my dosage put up......does anyone else have problems and how do they find the best way to lose weight??

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I have been on thyroxin for a similar time and last year started the 12 week weight loss plan on this site. lost about 22lb and still have about 7 to go but graduated c25k on Saturday. I have never considered my thyroid to be an issue in my weight loss, just my lack of motivation to lose weight and get fit. Get your head round that and do it with the help & support on the website & this forum.


Hi Sezgil,have you joined the thyroid site of HU?

I think weight is a common problem with thyroid. If your metabolism s slow, as it will be with U.thyroid it is twice as difficult as normal to lose weight. Have you given up gluten? Do you have antibodies?,sorry so many questions.

Good luck .


I've had since 1991 hypothyroidism and know all about weight gain! It's easier to lose weight once dosage settled into normal range, most important meal to eat (& how I struggle with this) is breakfast; eating little & often also helps to busy metabolic rate; meal skipping is the worst & surprisingly you need to eat!! I'm with Slimming World at moment and lost 2stone 5lbs so if you can put £5 per week to 'me time' it does help. It's a struggle & the low moods make it difficult at times but there is light at end of tunnel, it's just the journey can be delayed. Good luck


Thanks all, I've lost about 2 1/2 stone in the last 7yrs, slimming world definitely worked for me, but I've lost my mojo in doing that! I'm back to doing my fitness pal and try to excercise as much as possible! I'll have a look at that thyroid site too. Thanks all


Check that your GP is testing not just the dosage in your blood but your uptake rates. My hubby has to have 250mcg a day because his uptake rates are terrible. You will only lose weight once your dosage is right and you might need very regular tests for a year or so to make sure everything is ok. Make sure you never forget to take your tablets too, if need be get one of those boxes that have the days of the week on them.

Once stabilised you can lose weight my hubby has lost quite a bit. He finds it's best to lose a stone then get used to maintaining that weight if you do it in one hit it's hard to keep it off.


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