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Hi not been on this site for a while but i'm pleased to report I have now lost one stone in weight and the majority of that all thanks to the amazing 5-2 diet. Just wondered if anyone else on here has tried this way of life.

I can certainly recommend it to anyone who is struggling out there shifting those pesky pounds best thing I've ever done besides the C25K program

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Well done on your fab weight loss !

I have to agree with you...5:2 and C25K is a winning combination.

I now weigh 9st 4 lbs ( 59.2 kilos ) a healthy weight for my height ( 5'3") and the lowest weight I've been since my early 30's ( I am 56 ).I have been following this way of eating for over a year now and whilst I was in no way grossly over weight I have lost around 9 kilos and kept the weight off since the start.

In the past I have tried many ' diets' but never really stuck to a permanent healthy way of eating and my weight yoyo'd up and down .

I started C25K last July,completing the programme at the end of August and this morning I ran 8K ...and felt great !

I wish I had discovered 5:2 and C25K years ago.

The 5:2 way of eating and the people on here who advocate it seem to be coming in for a fair bit of stick on this site lately .

No-one starves on a 'fast day' ....in fact ,500 calories* can provide two perfectly nutritious and satisfying meals.

As with much in life, to work properly it just takes a bit of planning...and experiencing a little real hunger, learning to recognise it as a perfectly normal feeling and not something that requires ' fixing' with food immediately , is no bad thing.

It works for me is all I'm saying.

*600 cals for a man


Thank you! I was so upset yesterday I was shaking like a leaf.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received some very nasty comments yesterday about the fact that I was always talking about the 5:2 Diet, that I honestly felt this morning that I wouldn't tell anybody at all any more and they could waste a fortune at SW, WW or whatever.

Unfortunately there are those who fail at it for whatever reason and then their voices are louder than mine that it's a 'faddy diet' or whatever, instead of being a way of life that really works and is hopefully going to extend mine without getting any of the nasties like cancer, diabetes, dementia etc. I'd certainly rather just 'diet' for one or two days a week than a constant 1400 calories - and then pile it all back on again afterwards!

I felt really upset yesterday, so your post has cheered me up no end.


I see now that yesterday's dialogue has disappeared - it really was nasty.


Why do people have to be so nasty. What works for one might not be right for another. For me I have dieted all my life had success with ww spent a fortune and then found I piled it all back on again and more because the diet is not sustainable.

Do not stop talking about something you believe in and know works because of small minded people who disagree.

Continue encouraging others to try 5-2 wish i had found out about it years ago. I did not know there had been negative reaction on here regarding this . All I can say is It works for me and I will be continuing for the rest of my life its so easy.


Thank you. :)


I agree with Luvleeju. I know many people, not on this site, who have had great success with the 5_2 diet. You are a great inspiration gingernut. Keep on posting!

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Thank you so much. After yesterday's nastiness I must admit to feeling a bit more cautious and wonder about mentioning it to anyone at all.


I don't do the 5:2 but do restrict calories during the day, it's about finding an eating plan that works for you, as opposed to a diet with an end date! The reason that people fail on 5:2 is they don't pay regard to what they eat on non-fasting days ( as you say it's not fasting as such but a restricted day - you can find plenty of low cal foods.....


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