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hi everyone its day one of me joining gym and counting calories . I did a 2 hour work out in gym. i should start by saying im 23 im 5ft 7 and i weigh 11 stone 13 . i used to be 10 stone and was happy with my slim tum the last 6 months its all gone wrong. does any one have any tips maybe some healthy meal ideas . im thinking of doing the fast were you stop eating from 8 9 at night and not eat till 1 the next afternoon. Has anyone tried it i think its called 5:2 or something. if anyone else is in the same situation and wants to buddy up let me know :)

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Hi - and well done for your efforts so far.

The diet you're talking about is called 16:8 where effectively you fast from your evening meal for 16 hours and then just eat within an eight hour window - but of course if you eat then too much it's self-defeating!

The 5:2 Diet is completely different - you eat normally but healthily for five days of the week, and on two non-consecutive days, such as Monday and Thursday, you eat just 500 calories for a woman, 600 for a man. I lost three stone in six months and have kept it off since last April by just fasting one day a week. I'm 5'8" and now weigh 9 stone 4 pounds, size 10. I suggest you watch the excellent BBC Horizon programme "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" vimeo.com/54089463 which the diet is based on, and buy Kate Harrison's book "The 5:2 Diet" - very cheap on Kindle. There are some excellent Facebook groups where you'll see some amazing success stories and find lots of buddies!


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