Its working and I dont even know what it is!!!! :-D

Yay!! week two nearly down and I have lost 5 lbs! All I have been doing is trying to snack less and making sure I eat good meals. Happily its the motivation I need, dont get me wrong I have a lloooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg way to go, 4 st approx, but it is a start!

I am not really exercising in a regime at the moment as I am trying to change first my eating habits before change more so I can make it a life long change.. But yestarday I took the dog and the horse out for a 3 mile walk, should have seen the looks I got esp when I was jogging a mile or so with them!


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6 Replies

  • Ah great that you see improvement :-) same here,don't quite know which bit is working but I think for me its portion control ...I realised even though I was eating healthy food it was the portion that was a problem. Ignore the looks and do what is right for your health and wellbeing :-) all the best with your weight loss journey :-) x x

  • Don't care about the looks, but I am sure people must have had motivation courage themselves when they saw you. I always think that when i go running and people stare at me...

    good luck for all, and think of this as fun, don't think of it as an ultimate weight loss ! :)

  • Brilliant, I only started yesterday, I'm doing three well balanced meals a day and that's it! It's certainly a change from my usual grazing through the day but we could help motivate each other? I have two babies (2 and 6 months) and a jack Russell x

  • I have just joined about 1 hr ago so we will have to keep in touch with our weekly weigh in it will help to motivate me what do you think?

  • I weighed yesterday (horrified!) not sure how to get back to weigh in?!

  • Yep I went to the doctor again this mornign and she was pleased with what I was doing, gave me a few more tips too. Handy stuff. Good luck every one! :-D

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