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New year weight loss.. Scary scales

So.. Standing in my bathroom.. Staring at me are my scales. Step on after a few months.. 14st 7lbs.. That's the heaviest I have been. I've always been a yo yo dieter. But it's gets to a point when your family say you look fat. And do something about it.

So here goes.. Goal is 12st.. But good to have mini goals and going to do it for free rather than paying for pills or fat clubs that shove their products in your face..

Retraining the way I look and think about food.. Well here goes.

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Your post could so have been written by me! I wish you good luck :)


hi, I weigh the same as you so were starting at the same point, good luck :)



I weighed in yesterday at 14st 8 lbs, with a goal of 12 st 7 lbs to reach by August (son is getting married).

I've been following the plan for quite a while (3rd set of 12 weeks) and have found the support on the site very good and there is also plenty of inspiration. I thought I had retrained my way of thinking but a hiccup before and over Christmas showed me I'm not quite there yet - onwards though with positivity!

Good luck.



Thanks all. Good to know that everyone is in the same head space! Good luck everyone!


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