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Time for a change......again

Time for a change......again

So I have just returned from my second all inclusive holiday abroad in the last month considerably rounder and at my heaviest weight ever. I have decided that I need to make a lasting change. I am currently tipping the scales at 12st 10lbs and have been hovering around 12st (give or take) since I was about 21. Given the fact that I am only 5ft 4 I have come to realise that this is a ridiculous situation to be in.

My mother and grandmother have suffered from weight issues and I do not want to follow the same path or perpetuate the cycle for my children. I have lost weight easily in the past so I suppose I took it for granted that it would always be the case.....it is not. For the last year I have yo-yoed up and down about a stone, every time I lose, thinking, see that was easy, you can relax now!!

I eat very healthily when main meals are concerned but my portion control is out of control and I cannot resist chocolate and crisps at any opportunity! Eating well has been an excuse for unhealthy snacking, same as many people I guess.

I used to be fit, dancing and swimming 5-6 times a week but the heavier I got the less I am inclined to exercise.

But no more, I start my new life tomorrow. I have realised that my entire life needs an

overhaul and I am the only one who can make the changes necessary to make myself happy.

I am resigning from my job tomorrow and have enrolled to become a primary school teacher, beginning in August. A friend of a friend is a Personal Trainer and has agreed to do a consult with me on Tuesday to get the kick start I need.

I am writing this post and will keep updating as a sort of personal promise to myself to keep on the right track.

Please feel free to comment as I go, the more supportive input on my journey the better....here's hoping this time the change will be lasting.

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Good luck with the life changes! Don't try to change too much at once though. As a primary teacher you will certainly be pretty active, which will be to your advantage. And how nice to have a PT friend to advise you! Good luck!


Good luck. Remember to make any changes enjoyable, so you'll want to keep them.


I wish you the very best of luck on your weight-loss journey,


good luck and my only piece of advice re portion control is to get a smaller plate...I use a Miss Kitty plate and bowl. It certainly makes dinner times a talking point and my 11yr daughter has one too. This teaches her and my partner and 12yr son that we don't need to eat as much as them and that we are all different.

Hope this helps. good luck x


Good luck with your ambitions. I too use a smaller plate and weigh pasta, rice etc to ensure portion control. I also buy small rather than large loaves so that sandwiches & toast are smaller.


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