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28 week blood test glucose level

What about the glucose level? I mean they did not tell whether I should come hungry or full stomach. So I went to midwife after having my lunch. After maybe 1 hour. It does not show anything I think. I do not know how to say but if you want to learn somebody has diabet you should do the test first hungry then yyou shoul drink a glucose water and take the blood after 1 and 2 hours. Then it shows something. So what is this test for. How can they understand that I have not diabet?

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They check your urine for glucose at every appointment. You are talking about the blood test, where u need to starve yourself for 12hours before. They dont tend to do this routinely for everyone. They only do if you have risk factors such as family history of diabetes, high bmi, etc. Also would do if baby was growing a lot bigger than expected as this could be indicater of diabetes.


It might be worth calling them and telling them that you took the test without fasting and ask them whether you should have fasted (I guess they just took blood from you to see blood glucose levels- it doesn't sound like they performed a glucose curve to you). If you should have fasted they will call you back for another test. If the blood glucose levels show something worrying they will then perform a glucose curve on you.


I had to have a fasting glucose test to see if i had it ans then they got back to me and they will monitor it before you eat and just after. Go on to nhs website and look at the information theres loads of help and advice on there xx


hello salmon-finland

,firstly they should of given you a leaflet with all the glucose test info on it that tells you to fast from midnight until after the test,secondly they will know if you have or don't have diabetes buy the level of sugar in your blood,if you had not fasted since midnight before your test then you should book your self another one and just explain why,having eaten before your last test will make it hard to monitor your sugar level correctly giving a false result which could lead you to have a very large very poorly baby if not treated,i to have gestational diabetes and go for my 28 week scan in a couple of weeks which will hopefully tell me my baby is healthy but I am now on medication and have cut out sugar compleately.i hope all goes well and you sort this problem out sooner rather than later x


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