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Ocrevus — dose 1

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So had my first dose today , went well no issue little tired but they said it could be the antihistamine ( or the fact I had no sleep last night worrying) .. but now I’m wide awake and just remembered they gave me a dose of steroids in beginning and that gives me insomnia .. just got back in to sleeping pattern as had relapse at start of year and did a week on them.. gggrrrr . Here we go again.

Holding on to the positives that no other side effects .

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Hopefully you can mellow out a little bit and get back into your sleep pattern. Glad to hear infusion went well 👍🙏. Ken 🐾🐾

I have great hopes that you will continue to do well and will see wonderful benefits! Thank you for telling us about your experience. Please continue to update us about your next infusion and how you handle the steroids. Hurrah for you!

Thank you .. second dose on 19th . Can see lots of people have had good and bad experiences .

One thing I will say is make sure you get plenty of fluid . Notice a few people said they had really bad headaches so took 2 litres with me . I know the hospital would have had it but wanted to track what I drank and didn’t have an issue .

And I took healthy snacks with me ( trying to loose weight) so had banana oat waffles , cucumber and babybel cheese which I ate some ever hour, so maybe eating something small and healthy helped a bit .

Also glad I took something as they offers another lady a sandwich and it looked grim.

Will keep you updated .


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Amerilove1 in reply to Annabal82

Thanks for posting! I get my first half-dose on the 20th and the above info is very helpful. Hope you continue to have minimal side effects!

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Annabal82 in reply to Amerilove1

Thank you .. hope the 20th goes well xAx

Hooray! I hope so too! Please let us know how you get on in the next few months also.

Oh well done you 👍 pleased that it all went well. Give yourself a few days and let the steroids wear off and then see how you feel. Keep us updated please as to how you get on, take care, blessings Jimeka 🤗

Hoping u have wonderful results from the ocrevus🌈

I'm an ocrevus fan. Hope you do well with this treatment.

Yea I’m going to mention it to my nurse next time . More annoyed that I just got back in to sleep pattern and then wide awake last night . I actually feel pretty good today , more focused than I have been in 2 months Brain fog seems to of lifted . Long may this continue xAx

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Annabal, it's so good to hear that the first dose of ocrevus went off without a hitch! I agree the combination of the antihistamine which they always give me Benadryl which I hate because it makes me so sleepy and the lack of sleep the night before is bound to make you tired. Keep us posted of how it helps and what you see from the infusion. Glad you're on board with this DMT because I love it and I hope you do too! Fancy.

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Annabal82 So happy that your infusion went well. Also, I happy that you mentioned about the importance of staying hydrated during the procedure. It might increase your urge to go to the bathroom, but it beats getting a nasty headache! :-D

I hope ocrevus makes you feel better with this awful disease. I am going to be starting it if my lab work is good. Take care

I'm so glad your first dose went well. Hydration is so important. I didn't hydrate well the first round and had a terrible headache for two days. The second round was much better. I hope Ocrevus does well for you. Take good care!

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