Ocrevus 1 month update!

Hello everyone it is Fancy1959. I had my second initial half dose of Ocrevus on October the 2nd. Please remember that each individual response to every therapy differently and results can vary greatly from Patient to Patient. Over the past month I have had no negative side effects from the Ocrevus infusion. On the positive side I have noticed two definite improvements. The first thing my spasticity has calmed down quite a bit. It's not as severe now and when it does strike I am able to regain control of my muscles much quicker and bend my legs and work through spacidic episodes.

Over the past week I have noticed a new improvement. I have had for over a year difficulty walking very fast even with my rollator in front of me. When my phone would ring if it wasn't right with me I very seldom was able to answer it before thee voice message picked up on it because I could not stride out and walk at any speed. My steps were very short, choppy and very uncoordinated. It didn't even dawn on me at first that I was getting to the phone before the voicemail picked up more and more often. Then I started to pay attention and noticed I was walking stronger with longer, more coordinated strides. That is of course when I'm fresh in the mornings. When I get tired in the afternoons all bets are off and I find I'm just plodding along again with short uncoordinated steps. But at least I've seen signs of improvement. Pray they keep increasing and the walking become stronger and stronger. Still no improvement in my balance but here's hoping it will gradually start to improve sometime in the future.

I encourage everyone who have started Ocrevus share their Ocrevus story, both positive and negative, with the chat room to provide everyone with as much information on his new therapy as possible. Keep your fingers crossed that this therapy continues to show signs of Hope for more and more MS patients.😊

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  • Fancy1959 i am so thrilled you are seeing those positive changes (and it's only the 2nd dose!). Here's hoping you continue to improve 👍

    Yes, please, everyone keep us updated on your responses to Ocrevus

  • Wonderful news! Glad to hear that you have seen improvement.

  • Happy for you! May you continue to see improvement

  • Thank you for sharing, Fancy1959 . I'm glad you're seeing some improvement with your spasticity!

  • Fancy1959 its sounds quite positive, I pray it continues. I hope everyone will keep us updated on the Ocrevus. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🐴

  • Great update! I'm glad you are noticing improvements already, and I hope to hear about more 🎉

  • Exciting news and hope for you to continue improving and love hearing from you.

  • Fancy1959 that's great news. I'm so happy that things are looking better. Praying the improvement continues. God bless.


  • That's the best news, Fancy1959! Praying it only gets better. 💕

  • Fancy1959 ...thanks for sharing your experience! I'm so glad you are seeing some improvement. I hope Ocrevus continues to be beneficial for you! My first dose is Dec. 8th.

  • Fancy1959 I am so happy this is working for you. Praying for more and more improvement.

  • Do you have PPMS?

  • Fancy1959 Thank you for the progress report, I'm very glad you are seeing improvement & let's hope that continues.

  • Hi All, this is Elle61. It has been 3 months since my 1st Ocrevus infusion . I don't notice any changes . at first spasticity was a bit less but now I don't feel any changes. Bummer!

    I have an appointment this week with my new Neurologist and I hope she can help me decide if I should continue or not . I am still holding on for the new mylan repair drug coming soon.

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