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Ocrevus Update – 2nd half dose


I went on Monday and took my second half dose of Ocrevus. It went *significantly* smoother. I did have some itching and fatigue but it was a lot less severe than the first one. They only had to give me one dose of Benadryl this time. I decided to go ahead and take yesterday off because I felt really tired. Slept on and off for most of the day, but today I feel much better. I go back in 6 weeks for a follow-up visit with my neurologist. Compared to the first dose, this one was a breeze!

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So glad it went better for you the 2nd time miwido ;)


Great for you 👍👍. Better is always good. 🙏🐾😉Ken


Also, miwido, what type of MS do you have?

miwido in reply to suznj325

I have RRMS.

Glad to hear it! Ty for sharing 🤗

Yay! Fingers crossed for you!

Hopefully that's the way mine works they haven't made the appointment yet but it should be really soon

Good for you!! I'm going to set up my one year infusion. Don't feel any better but I'm scared of getting worse. Keep it up! God's Peace 🙏

Fabulous! So glad you had a good reaction this time.

Great news. It just keeps getting easier. I am now past my one year mark.

Great, i am looking to do it as well. Not sure,Medicare, Medicaid, new Ms neurologist???? Never stops just like pain. Happy for you.

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