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First full dose of Ocrevus


Yesterday I had my first full dose of Ocrevus. The only thing different was a slight headache that evening & feeling like my heart was beating hard which I'm sure was the steroids since that's what used to happen when I had to get those infusions. But so far so good, no site or other reactions. One of the welcome side effects from the steroids is the back pain relief. I have stinosis on several vertebrae in my lower back & the pain relief is so welcomed! To get out of bed with no pain is so wonderful & such a blessing!

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That's thrilling news! I hope Ocrevus works wonders for you!

So far so good! After the 1st 2 half doses, I have been able to get off of baclofen and modafinil. So now the only other meds I have to take are for thyroid and back pain unrelated to MS.


I'm so glad that you are doing so well!! And hear ya about back pain! Enjoy it! 🤗💕


That’s good news, enjoy while it lasts, the steroids that is, Blessings Jimeka 🐣

hairbrain4 in reply to jimeka

No kidding!

I can wait to start my 1st infusion in June

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