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2nd Ocrevus 1/2 dose


All went well. They doubled the dose of my Benadryl this AM due to slight itching with the first dose. I was in La La Land for the first few hours, listened to audio-books and visualizations and then became antsy and bored BUT all went well :) so NO complaints!

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So happy that all went well. Now, take it easy and please, no half marathons, yet! :-D

erash in reply to carolek572

I did jog the distance of 4 houses x 10 repeats this week and was elated! Not 26.2 miles but 😊😊😊

BigMar7 in reply to erash

Good for you erash, I’m happy all is going well for you. As you get stronger you can jog and add the distance of one house a day! 😀❤️

erash in reply to BigMar7

That’s my plan 😊

kdali in reply to erash

No. Way. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

erash in reply to kdali

5 houses x 10 repeats today

Inch by inch

I’m only jogging once a week

Elliptical etc other days

kdali in reply to erash

That’s amazing! 🎉 I can’t wait to hear about next weeks jog 😍

Johngm in reply to erash

I'd like to just walk with my wife without my cane. I'm having my second infusion next Thursday. I had no results, good or bad that I know of. We are praying for the best.

erash in reply to Johngm

I was surprised by my rapid results as I had read 12-18 mos before see benefits. Hope you have sooner 🌈

So happy all went well for you erash 😊


I just pray that it keeps working, 🙏

erash in reply to jimeka

Me too!

Good news. I had 50 mg benadryl. I was seeing things triple. Needed help walking for first 2 hours. Good luck. We are done for 6 months. Yay

erash in reply to jkdavid99


Glad next is not for 6 mos

Every 2 weeks would b rough


So glad it went well erash 🤗💕



That's marvelous news! I'm looking forward to hearing great reports about how well it works for you.

Good job, erash! I'm watching your posts, since I am SP also and wondered if I should venture there.

erash in reply to SueAB

I have no clue what I am-last discussion with neuro suggested I may be ppms

My goal is to be benign MS (kidding...kind of)

Although I’m not sure there is truly such a thing

ahrogers in reply to erash

Sounds like the same discussion I had with my new neuro since I moved. My last one told me I was rrms but I thought it funny since my symptoms never really improved just went periods without noticing more.

Luckily Ocrevus is supposed to help with ppms too. I have been on it for over 2 years since I was on trial initially. The benadryl does knock you out but since you're stuck in a chair for several hours not a big deal.

My goal is to be able to work 10 more years 😁

Good luck!

erash in reply to ahrogers

How’s it going after 2 yrs?

I had to go on disability 2 yrs ago so 10 more working yrs is terrific!

ahrogers in reply to erash

Luckily I have only been diagnosed for 4 years and the majority of my symptoms are sensory. My right leg and arm are definitely weaker than 2 years ago and I will have have a noticeable limp at times but can still function as a nurse. I can't do strenuous exercise for more than 5 minutes though when I could do it for over 30 minutes when I was first diagnosed. I didn't keep up with an exercise routine so not sure when it got to this point.

I am sure I have gotten worse over the past 2 years but still able to do basic activities. I plan to get back on track with exercising to see if I can build up my endurance. I was going to start last weekend but was having vertigo. I plan to go hiking next weekend when I am vacationing in Lake Lure for my 50th birthday.

erash in reply to ahrogers

Have a very happy birthday.

Curious, your symptoms are progressing but you are choosing to stay on Ocrevus?

ahrogers in reply to erash

Thank you.

Since it is likely I have ppms it is my only option. Already tried Gilenya and Rebif with faster progression. The progression seems to be slow, at least from a daily activity point of view. Not sure if it would be worse without Ocrevus. Now that my sensation has decreased pretty much everywhere it is more difficult to track. My neuro did tell me women with ppms did not see as great of a benefit as men from Ocrevus though. Just hoping to slow it down enough to work at least 5 years but preferably 10 to get my finances to best case scenario. I know there are other trials out there so maybe something else will show promise soon.


That is so wonderful! Sure hope you start feeling lessened symptoms very soon. Thanks for letting us know!

Glad to hear all is well! 🎉

So glad it went well for you. I wish they didn't have to give the Benadryl cuz that stuff knocks me out! I'm a lightweight when it comes to that stuff. But the steroids, on the other hand, keep me awake at night but I feel like I could move a mountain, that is until I actually try to do something. lol

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