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Help please ROSACEA getting me down!

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Hey Everyone... I'm new to this site and current looking for advice and help on the skin condition ROSACEA. I'm looking for any advise from anyone that suffers like I do.

I've had it for over three years, my GP just tends to swap and change my antibiotics every-time I visit with no real improvement. My skin is 60% worst in the winter months and heating system (even my own central heating at my home) plays hell with my skin. I have a full facial redness, with the bumps, spots and flaky skin.. Especially around my nose. In the last three months I have been suffering with dry eye, has a contact Len wearer this is not great!!

I'm looking for tips and especially product advise to help me... I'm spending a fortune hoping the next product works. Bare minerals is the only make up I can wear but currently searching for a moisturiser that I'm not reacting too, was using dermatogia but this has seem to stop working :(

Any advise is greatly received!!

Many Thanks

Liz :)

15 Replies
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You migth consider trying Protandim whcih helps minimize oxidative stress and might help a lot.

Is the diagnosis correct? I was diagnosed with rosacea but it was food allergies! Treated those and it went away.

Have you tried a non-inflammatory diet?

Also Alkaline and Rosacea Diet

Due to its cleansing nature, many people have turned to the alkaline diet as a way to combat Rosacea. The alkaline diet consists almost entirely of cleansing vegetables, low sugar fruits, pure water, soups and juices, salads, omega oils etc and as such it provides the skin with all of the nutrition it needs to remain healthy, making alkaline diet also tagged as a rosacea diet.

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Hi Liz,

2 years since rosacea diagnosis by hospital consultant, though she wasn't sure, she thought it looked like histamine intolerance to begin with (flushing on neck and chest as well as face). So she diagnosed rosacea, mine is mainly flushing, not many spots, so probably type I. Anyway, the Rosex cream the consultant gave me seemed to make me redder so I stopped that. Then the usual working my way through lots of creams, spending a fortune along the way, as we all seem to do after diagnosis, trying to find a moisturiser that doesn't burn or sting. Finally settled on Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser which I rinse off and gently pat dry, then apply Nivea Sensitive Day Cream SPF15 and I also use the night cream at bedtime. This seems to work really well for me and has done since around September last year. The most success I've had with any products in the whole 2 years. My purse is healthier too!

I'm a fan of bareMinerals too, especially the multi-tasking concealer, it's fantastic for covering up redness and broken capillaries.

For the sun, in the summer, I've not had a lot of luck with sun creams, probably the best one for me has been Kalme Skin Defense SPF25, it's quite gentle. It's about £19 and you can go through a couple of tubes in summer. You can only get it online, just google Kalme for the website.

I'm very interested in the food advice mentioned by katepoet, I still find it difficult to sort out what foods affect me, apart from the obvious like too much sugar, or spicy, hot foods.

Stress makes my face flare too, but we can't always avoid that can we?

Good luck.

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Hi Liz,

There are treatments other than antibiotics that might be worth trying. Read more @

You might also consider trying oil-free skincare products and sun lotions as oil-based products can make rosacea worse.


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Hi Liz, your situation sounds remarkably similar to mine in many ways. My rosacea now covers all of my face except my temples and around my eyes. I spent a lot of money on finding a cleanser and moisturiser that suited my fickle skin and eventually realised that expensive does not mean the best! I now use Simple vitamin foaming cleanser and Simple moisturising lotion with spf15 and that is all. My rosacea is still there, but it seems stable although I still get some spots occasionally.

I have tried creams and oral antibiotics, which did clear the spots, but not the redness and my GP will not refer me to see a dermatologist. I try to exclude known triggers, but then my diet was very poor, I started to lose weight and was very miserable.

I have concluded that having a red face is not going to kill me and so I try to just be healthy and sensible as far as my skin goes, but not to the point where it rules my life and life is no longer enjoyable. We live in a society where the way we look is so important when actually it isn't. I try not to conform to the Barbie-girl world anymore! Good luck x

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Rosacea I tried many creams from different companies and different effects were not always satisfactory and dermatologist recommended it to me creams and tonic from bodyempire, the ingredients contained in them help me take care of the skin to a greater extent.

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I am 46 and suffered with severe rosacea throughout my childbearing years. It seemed to be SO much worse around the time of my menstrual cycle. I looked like a red raccoon, could not and would not wear make up. I felt hideous and embarrassed. People constantly commented about how red I was and told me to stay out of the sun (in the winter!!!). It was as bad as someone congratulating you on being pregnant or asking when you're due...but you're not.

And THEN... I happened to go to an open air concert at the local college. At that venue, was a woman with a small Mary Kay table. I started talking to her and she invited me to a facial / make-over consultation. I laughed at her...told her my problem but agreed to the facial. Best thing I EVER did.

Mind you...I had a wicker basket chock full of failed products...prescriptions and otherwise. The last prescription medication caused me to suffer for two years with eye problems. Now I was dealing with two sets of doctors and rosacea in my EYES! Eye infections left and right...antibiotic drops. The works! Big mess.

Off to the Mary Kay girl. She had me wash my face with a Mary Kay gentle cleanser. She had me use a second step, moisturizing toner, further cleaning my skin...(two step cleaning). Lastly, she had me use the coordinating moisturizer. She made me PROMISE to do this twice every day, once in the morning and once at night and in two weeks we'd check back in.

A miracle happened! Not that I no longer have rosacea, because I do. I still have some redness and some itchy bumps. Sometimes I get acne breakouts. However...the severity of it is reduced by extreme and I no longer have any of the eye problems. I no longer need to find what works for me, I found it, and I no longer need doctors of any kind to treat this problem.

Long story short... For me...diligently keeping my skin clean and moisturized seemed to do the trick. I NEED the second step moisturizing toner and, in fact, sometimes use that more than twice a day to freshen my face. I found a cheap bottle at Harmon that I use. I have also gotten away from using Mary Kay cleanser exclusively and find that I like a Bliss grape seed and bitter orange cleanser better. I'm still using Mary Kay moisturizer and might stick with that. I really do like it!

I now work in a jewelry store and I wear makeup every day. I wear eye makeup every day. This is such a dramatic change from where I was 5 years ago!

I have started peri menopause and my skin is continuing to improve.

I hope this might be helpful information for someone!

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For years I have suffered from blushing and a red face, more recently I began to develop pimples on my nose and face and had styes on my eyes for about two years. I had not been to the doctors with these problems but I had seen the doctor about IBS with which I was also suffering, he suggested I try the FODMAP diet. Within two weeks I had stopped flushing, my spots had disappeared and my red face had calmed down - my IBS was much better too. I now find that if I eat gluten my nose becomes pimply. My face is very dry but I always find that in the winter from the central heating! FODMAP worth a try.

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I, too, have had relief since including Omega's in my diet. It cleared up the dry eye symptoms and my skin is massively improved.

But, it needs to be a good quality oil. I use Eskimo 3 capsules (£25 for 250) and take three every evening. I think that's a relatively low dose so you could start on more, I guess.

I also stopped using gimmicky cleansing items and only use Dermalogica Ultra-Calming range.

In Summer, I always use a skin tinted facial SPF (Dermalogica) under make up and, all year, wear an SPF make up.

When I started doing all this eight years ago, I also followed a 'no sugar' (in all forms) diet for three months. I swear this kicked the inflammation out of my system, which calmed everything down.

Good luck. Be kind to yourself. Xx

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I had rocacea. Then I had an ulcer. For the ulcer they gave me 3 antibiotics. The ulcer went and so did the roceacea.

I did find on the net where an American study stated that all roceacea suffers had an excess of bacteria in the small intestine. They treated that with antibiotics and had a 95% success rate. On the remaining 5% they gave a second treatment and obtained a 100% success rate. Cannot find that site again.

I do not have rocecea anymore. Go to your Doctor and demand a treatment of internal antibiotics. The surface cream antibiotics are a waste of time.

Don Agnew

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Hi Lizz

I have suffered with severe chronic rosacea for 12 years now. Redness, plaque, wheals, bumps and flakes. I went through hundreds of pounds worth of products and creams and potions and different makeups. I went on holiday to Lanzarote last June and the day i got back nearly ended up in hospital due to a severe arthritic and rosacea flare. I took 8 weeks worth of Lymecicline and changed my skin care routine to Clinique Redness Solutions cleanser and day cream and have been clear on and off, subject to the odd hotness flare for nearly 9 months now. Please try the products, they are £18 for cleanser and £39 for cream, that lasts 1 month but they have potentially changed my life as I was close to ending it all Lizz I really was that low and the pain was unbearable. I also use Vichy Dermablend make up in 2 shades and clinique loose powder as it is all oil-free. It all works perfectly.

Let me know how you get on if you try them :)

Kindest regards


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Hi, are you still suffering with Rosacea? I've found that Forever aloe gelly and propolis creme works combined with drinking their aloe berry nectar or bits and peaches inner leaf gel. I'd be happy to consult with you if you would like further information, Rachael.

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I have using dermalmd rosacea serum and It has truly made a difference. My skin was looking worse daily and feeling very uncomfortable. Since using dermalmd rosacea serum my problems have all but disappeared.

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Hi Liz,

If you are still having rosacea problems I would advise you ask your doctor to be referred to a dermatologist. I read that rosacea creams with tea tree oil and calendula are particularly effective against rosacea as they kill the demodex mite that causes it. Might be worth a try.

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Dermalmd Rosacea Serum Really gentle - I have bad rosacea on my face and super sensitive skin but it hasn't caused any reaction which is extremely rare. It's not a miracle drug, my face is still red but it has definitely helped reduce redness and made my face more hydrated and smooth. My only complaint is the smell - it's not awful but it's not pleasant either.

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its winter and the air is so much drier..use a very mild washing powder in your washing machine and then hang the clothes on the radiators to get moisture back into the air....homemade humidifier and the difference is amazing....check out for more tips and advice on rosacea

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