Keratosis Pilaris getting worse

Keratosis Pilaris getting worse

Hi, I've always suffered from Keratosis Pilaris on the tops of my arms and thighs which hasn't particularly bothered me much, but now aged 26, it's suddenly gotten much worse. My entire legs are covered in ugly red spots which have now spread to the backs of my thighs and even my bottom! Rather embarrassing. What's odd is my skin isn't that rough or as bumpy as it was before but the spots appear more red/purple and aggressive. My doctor wasn't sure I even had kp at first because my skin is actually quite soft. They told me that absolutely nothing will help, which has gotten me really down, especially as it continues to get worse. Previously I found that getting a tan during the summer months had helped improve it but even that hasn't helped for the past couple of years. Has anyone else experienced kp suddenly getting much worse? Can anyone recommend anything? I've tried using a gentle body scrub, coconut oil, a moisturiser with 10% urea, taking vitamin E and cod liver oil supplements, and alas- just leaving it be. And still it gets worse!

Edit: I've added a photo of my thigh which is especially bad, just above the knee.

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  • I am vexed I cannot offer any advice as I know nothing about the condition but just want to say I do hope someone in this lovely forum can offer you some solutions.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hi Melissa, I've not suffered myself so this is more a suggestion than anything but some of my customers have tried Ameliorate products (developed specifically to treat Kp) and been delighted by the results. I have posted a link so that you can see the range available. The bath powder and the lotion are the most popular, but the shower wash and body polish are nice too. They are completely paraben and animal cruelty free, which is a nice bonus, with lots of skin softening ingredients. Hope you find this helpful and that you do manage to find something that works for you.

  • Thank you so much, I will look in to trying those products, they sound great!

  • Hi I'm 22 and had a baby 7months ago now, I have found that suddenly I have a lot more and aggressive bumps on the backs of my thighs where I never had it before. I have always had this on my arms which I have hated but now it's on my thighs it's so bad it's almost like acne, I think it's starting to go onto my bum too and I exfoliateand moisturise everyday so it's quite difficult to say why this has happened other than hormones I guess. I have been reading up on treatments or as far as they go and most are very expensive! I have found a woman that had said coconut oil rubbed in in the shower or bath is good. But I'm not convinced, it does seem the cheapest option so maybe worth a try.

  • I'm going through the exact same thing...since I was 10 (maybe 11 or 12) I got it REALLY bad on my arms but not so much on my legs, now all of a sudden it's all over my upper and lower thighs and shins. My arms have always had this dark purplish colour surrounding the KP and reddish when I'm hot or active, and I too would get a tan and it would go away. Like yourself it doesn't work for me anymore either...I've tried freaken everything! At 20 my skin should be as soft as ever but it's like 24/7 goosebumps. -_- mine also drys really bad during the winter season and I can pick them off sometimes, which is gross but if I'm not waking up in the night to moisturize then by morning some of the bumps dry out. :( I hope you get an answer so I can get one too lol.

  • I have had KP my whole life on my arms and legs. I have tried literally all the creams and natural treatments I could think of and have been recommended to me with zero improvement. That's when I was convinced that there are 2 different types of KP. There are the people that have more of the raised bumps, creams and oils work for those people. But I have the red softer bumps, that I too noticed were less noticeable with a tan. And I started to think that since nothing topical was working that it was caused by my diet. I tried cutting out gluten, then sugar, then meat. But I have since gone completely vegan.... guess what IT'S STARTED GOING AWAY! The redness is so much lighter! I wanted to go vegan with the thought that dairy was probably causing my KP and I truly believe that is that case. I also think that might be why new mothers may experience new or worsening KP. So try it, go dairy-free for just 2 weeks and see what happens!!

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